Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Miracle Collectors: Uncovering Stories of Wonder, Joy, and Mystery by Katie Mahon, Joan Luise Hill

The Miracle Collectors: Uncovering Stories of Wonder, Joy, and Mystery by Katie Mahon,  Joan Luise Hill 

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Do you want to believe that miracles can happen? 

Perhaps you need something greater than yourself to hold you, safely guide your way through a desperate situation, and answer your fervent prayer.

Have you wondered if something you experienced could be considered a miracle? Perhaps, at just the right time, you receive an encouraging text from a friend across the country. Or maybe it was much more dramatic. Something life-altering such as a split-second decision, an instinct, to slow your car just before the vehicle in front of you lost control. Regardless of its nature, once you have a miracle experience, big or small, you are never the same. You are changed by your miracle.

By exploring their own experiences, searching out religious texts, and collecting stories shared by others, the authors have compiled what they believe is the truest meaning of miracles. The Miracle Collectors offers inspirational stories of miracles that ripple through time and space changing the lives of others.
Readers will learn to recognize and celebrate miracles for the gift of grace that they are. 

My Thoughts:
The Miracle Collectors book is for everyone who needs to be encouraged. This book reminds me Chicken Soup. It is a collection of stories where miracles have occurred, thus inspiring the reader. In this season of life, everyone needs hope and encouragement. If you have experienced a miracle or have never, this book is a great read to give you deep faith that all things work together for good. This is a book worth re-reading. I love the short questions and reading guide to help engage my mind. I highly recommend this book ! It is an awesome encouragement! 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Philippians: A Biblical Study by Joyce Meyer

Philippians: A Biblical Study


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Confident Woman Journal by Joyce Meyer

The Confident Woman Journal

Joyce explains that confidence stems from being positive in your actions and living honestly, but most importantly from having faith, in God and in ourselves. By using the characteristics outlined in Confidently You, this journal gives women a place to write out their concerns and prayers.

With encouragement from Joyce Meyer to guide us, we can work towards becoming the confident woman we were created to be.

Ellie Claire's LeatherLuxe® material plus a four-color interior design combine to make The Confident Woman a stunning journal. The rich feel of leather is finished with round corners to make this journal an extraordinary gift for any time of year.

My Thoughts:

This gorgeous leather journal is beautiful and perfect for daily prayers or journaling. I love the spacing in this journal to write and the ribbon marker is perfect for daily use. This journal has quotes throughout the pages with beautiful color. This journal is light enough than you can throw it in your purse or laptop bag. If you are looking for a beautiful journal, that is decently priced, I recommend this one. 

Monday, February 22, 2021

A Dance in Donegal by Jennifer Deibel

A Dance in Donegal by Jennifer Deibel

To fulfill her mother's dying wish, Moira Doherty moves from Boston to the rolling green hills of 1921 Ireland to teach in a village school. She doesn't expect to fall in love--or to uncover a scandalous family reputation her mother left behind years ago.

This debut novel by author Jennifer Deible, is one not to miss. I found this book to be very enjoyable and a wonderful historical adventure as I traveled to Emerald Isle where I enjoyed the beauty of Ireland and all of its rich history. The places were exciting as Jennifer penned the culture and the people along the way.  I love the themes of love, repentance, forgiveness and romance woven throughout this novel. 

This is a wonderful read and a debut author not to miss. If you enjoy historical fiction, I highly recommend picking up a copy today! You'll be glad you did.

 I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.

Friday, February 12, 2021

God Made Us Just Right by Allia Zobel Nolan

God Made Us Just Right

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"How come puppies get to bark, but kittens can't? Why do elephants have such long trunks when other animals don't risk tripping over their noses? What's the point of all these differences? Through playful illustrations of animals and warmhearted words in rhyme, young children will see God as their loving creator. God Made Us Just Right helps them realize that God has a reason for creating us just the way we are. Kids who are always asking, "Why, Mom?" and "How come, Dad?" will easily relate to the back-and-forth question-and-answer format. It's a book the whole family will enjoy"

My Thoughts: 
God Made Us Just Right is the most adorable book on how God created His children. Reading this book, made me tear up as an adult. This little hardcover book is so sweet and touching. The illustrations are beautiful with rich colors and adorable animals. Your child will love this touching story and it will become a favorite. I love this little book. It is the perfect conversation between a child and their parent about how we are uniquely created by God for a purpose. This would be such a sweet book to purchase for your child to read before they go to bed. I love this book, it is so cute! Grab a copy today. 

Monday, February 1, 2021

Living Unbroken: Reclaiming Your Life and Your Heart after Divorce by Tracie Miles

Living Unbroken: Reclaiming Your Life and Your Heart after Divorce

by Tracie Miles 

Unlike other books on divorce, Living Unbroken takes a deep dive into understanding and overcoming the emotional toll divorce, separation, and the loss of a serious long-term relationship has on a woman’s well-being. As someone who has walked this path, Tracie Miles leads women on a powerful, life-changing journey that provides much-needed hope, encouragement, and practical guidance for living their best life even if it’s not the life they once imagined. Her biblically sound approach teaches readers how to trust in God’s promises and restore their self-confidence and hope for the future.

My Thoughts:
Living Unbroken is the story of a woman who tells a story of hope after divorce. As someone who has walked through divorce, Tracie offers the reader compassion, empathy, understanding and connection through the devastation of divorce. This book offers the reader, the truth of God's word as they walk through a difficult season. 
If you have walked through divorce, this book will help you as you heal, trust God and reclaim the dream that God has for your life. If you know someone who is going through a divorce and has been through one, this is a real encouragement.