Sunday, November 1, 2020

Seven Words of Christmas by Robert Morris

 Seven Words of Christmas by Robert Morris

As a child, I always wondered what Advent meant and why people made such a big deal about it. As an adult, I have since learned the meaning and tradition of it. Seven Word of Christmas is a perfect little book to read with your children and family during the Advent season.

Through Seven words of Christmas, the reader begins to understand why the number seven is special in the Bible. Not only do you understand the mean, you will also learn of the seven prophetic words of Christmas, which is something I never knew. These seven words invite the reader into a journey of the story of Christmas. 

This book is a short read, with each chapter being small, but giving the reader something big to chew no matter their age or walk with the Lord. If you're looking for a new advent read this year, pick up your copy today. #sponsoredbyfaithwords

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