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Jason Sautel, author of THE RESCUER


Jason Sautel, author of THE RESCUER

About The Rescuer: One Firefighter’s Story of Courage, Darkness, and the Relentless Love That Saved Him

Hardcover: 208 Pages

Publisher: Thomas Nelson (September 1, 2020)

He helped save people every day—but he had no idea how to save himself.

Jason Sautel had it all. Confident in his abilities and trusted by his fellow firefighters, he was making a name for himself on the streets of Oakland, California. His adrenaline-fueled job even helped him forget the pain of his childhood—until the day he looked into the eyes of a jumper on the Bay Bridge and came face to face with a darkness he knew would take him down as well.

In the following months, a series of traumatic emergency calls—some successful, others impossible-to-forget failures—drove Jason deeper into depression. Even as he continued his lifesaving work, he realized he could never rescue everyone, and he had no idea how to save himself.

In the end, Jason was forced to confront the truth: only the relentless power of love could pull him back from his own deadly fall. Action-packed, spiritually honest, and surprisingly romantic, The Rescuer transports readers inside the pulse-pounding world of firefighting and into the heart of a man who needed to be broken before he could finally be made whole.

My Thoughts:

The Rescuer is an incredible, inspirational story that is needed in a time like this. Jason does an amazing job of creating and inviting the reader into his career as a first responder. This book gives the reader insight to what our public defenders and hero's endure on a daily basis. While this book was very rewarding to read, the lifestyle of a servant comes with emotional heartache and redemption. This book is powerful and a great read. I think that those in the industry of public defending and service, can relate to this story. It is especially needed a in a time like this, where are public hero's need encouragement. I enjoyed this book and recommend it. You will learn a lot, including many responsibilities and duties firemen/women do on a daily basis. This book is a fascinating memoir and I highly recommend picking up a copy today! 

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About Jason Sautel

Jason Sautel spent much of his early adulthood as a decorated firefighter in one of the toughest firehouses in the country and today shares Christ-centered stories and lessons from his time there to his 600,000+ Facebook followers. He loves his wife of sixteen years, Kristie, his four two-legged children, his two four-legged children, and appreciates God’s gifts of donuts, surfing, and Maui.

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