Sunday, September 20, 2020

Half the Battle By Jon Chasteen

 Half the Battle By Jon Chasteen

Do you ever feel the pressure to hide your struggles in order to look like a “good Christian”? The truth is, we all face battles and hurts in our lives. Scripture is full of God-fearing men and women who tried to cover up their problems. For Mary and Martha, the death of their brother, Lazarus, was the ultimate devastation. They put his body in a dark place and rolled a stone in front of it. But God knew where they buried their pain, and He knows where you bury yours too.

Jon Chasteen explores Old and New Testament examples of people whom God invited to begin the healing process by confronting their secret pain. Through this book with an included study guide, you will learn to:

  • Acknowledge the struggles you’ve been avoiding
  • Let go of shame and regret
  • Partner with God in your healing
  • Find freedom and lasting peace

God wants to visit the place of your pain, redeem your past, and set you free. Will you let Him?

My Thoughts:
Half the Battle is an encouraging read that I recommend you pick up today. This book gives the reader tools in how to heal from shame. The author recognizes that healing is a process and journey, one that should not be rushed, but rather the reader should take the invitation. This book is a great tool in helping people get free. I love freedom ministries and this book definitely has that flavor of thought behind it. If you are learning to break free from the past and partner with the truth of God's word, this book is for you! Grab a copy today, you won't regret it. This book is worth 5 stars to me! 

Dr. Jon Chasteen is president of The King’s University in Southlake, Texas. He and his wife, Michele, also serve as the lead pastors of Victory Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jon’s greatest passion is to empower and equip the local church to live, move, and be in the fullness of Christ.

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