Monday, August 10, 2020

Loving Well in a Broken World: Discover the Hidden Power of Empathy by Lauren Casper

Loving Well in a Broken World: Discover the Hidden Power of Empathy by 

How can we love our neighbors amid so much division and hurt?
Loving your neighbor as yourself would be easy if your neighbors were all people you understood, people you agreed with, people like you. But what about playground bullies, colleagues, refugees, online adversaries? They're all our neighbors, and Jesus said to love them. Every one. But how?

Lauren Casper believes the key is the lost art of empathy, stepping into other people’s shoes and asking what if?what if it were my child? What if it were me? Casper helps us discover how to identify our blind spots and tune our hearts to the stories around us;seek and extend forgiveness with grace and humility; and engage in diverse and meaningful relationships. 

Following these steps will enable us to connect in simple but life-altering ways, to respond to conflict with grace, bring about needed change, and shine God’s unconditional love into a dark world.

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My Thoughts:
"Loving Well in a Broken World" by Lauren Casper emphasizes compassion and empathy as the keys to loving people well in a world that is desperate for it. Just turn on the news for two seconds, and you will see that people are starved for compassion. This book is the perfect "how to" in our current world. 

Lauren brings the reader into having more compassion for those who we may not understand. Now more than ever, I think the human race has forgotten to take a step back and try to understand where others are coming from that have varying opinions. 

This book is an easy read, but offers a difficult heart position change if you're not following compassion and empathy. For Christians, I think this book offers for us to take a step back and learn that we are to bring the light where we go, not look like the rest of the world. I enjoyed this book and felt that the author and I would sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss the issues that our world faces. This is a great, easy and needed read. I highly recommend reading this book. 

About the Author:

Lauren Casper is a writer, speaker, and amateur baker. She is the founder of the popular blog and has had numerous articles syndicated by The Huffington Post, The TODAY Show, Yahoo! News, and several other publications. Lauren and her husband, John, have two beautiful children and one fluffy dog. They make their home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

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Sara Strand said...

I really feel like this is one I could grow from but also something a lot of us need in general right now. Thank you so much for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours