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About Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire

Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (April 21, 2020)
New York Times bestselling author Jen Hatmaker, with cheeky candor and fearlessness, guides readers to a deep dive into how they are wired and provides them with the tools to walk in that identity with freedom and guts.
Stuck in people-pleasing or fear, many women hide and pretend, then end up sidelined in their own lives. But what they want is to be brave, to claim every gift, dream, quirk, and emotion inside, to stop performing and start living.
Beloved New York Times bestselling author Jen Hatmaker understands the struggle to find firm footing in a culture that operates from stereotypes and often unreachable expectations. In this new book, she offers women encouragement, challenge, and humor as she helps them identify everything that makes them tick and gain the confidence to live it all out. She leads them through five self-reflective categories—who I am, what I need, what I want, what I believe, and how I connect—and helps them:
  • identify the exact ways they pretend, and learn instead how to be genuine at all times, in all ways, in all contexts;
  • be empowered to say yes and no without guilt;
  • learn to voice both their spiritual questions and convictions; and
  • opt out of drama and into healthy adult relationships.
With wry humor, earnest passion, and been-there insight, Jen calls women to the life-giving freedom of leaning into the identity, convictions, and community they’ve been given.

My Thoughts:
Previously, I have read all of Jen Hatmaker's book, so I was thrilled about getting my hands on this book. However, my expectations quickly diminished and this book was not what I had come to expect from books of Jen's .
First, Jen is very honest through this book and empowers the reader to be able to say "yes" and "no." She doesn't give a toot what you think and is very secure in her personal boundaries. She encourages the reader to establish the same by finding their own voice and convictions. 
However, I found through reading this book, I have a different opinion than the author. I felt that this book was not based on what I read in the scriptures, but more of a personal opinion. I had a difficult time relating to stories because of own personal view point. However, this book did challenge me to look at things from a different lens and understand a point of view that is in our culture. So, while I personally did not enjoy this book as much as I had hoped, I did learn a lot from it.
If you're a fan of Jen Hatmaker, this book might really be something you're interested in, but for me this wasn't a keeper. You might love the book, so pick up a copy today and see if this is something you would like to read.

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About Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is the author of the New York Times bestseller Of Mess and Moxie (plus twelve other books) and the host of the For the Love! with Jen Hatmaker podcast. She and her husband, Brandon, founded the Legacy Collective and also starred in the popular series My Big Family Renovation on HGTV. Jen is a mom to five, a sought-after speaker, and a delighted resident of Austin, Texas, where she and her family are helping keep Austin weird.

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Sara Strand said...

Even if it isn't one you identified with, it's really great that you were open to trying to understand a different point of view. That seems to be such a huge thing in the world lately and not everyone is taking the time to do that. Love it! Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours