Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Yes Sisters: Surrounding Yourself with Women Who Affirm, Encourage, and Challenge You by Angelia L. White, Erin Keeley Marshall

46161123Yes Sisters: Surrounding Yourself with Women Who Affirm, Encourage, and Challenge You

A single "no" from someone close to us can crush our dreams. You can't . . . You'll never . . . You're kidding yourself . . . In contrast, a single "yes" can sustain our dreams despite the setbacks we're sure to encounter. Yes, you can! Yes, I'm here for you! 

With passion and contagious enthusiasm, Angelia White shows you how to surround yourself with Yes Sisters--women who will remind you that you are worthy, that God loves you completely, and that you can accomplish even your wildest dreams. Her engaging personal stories, as well as those from other prominent women, will show you how to 

- find and cultivate Yes Sister relationships
- leverage their power
- and be a Yes Sister for someone else

She also helps you understand, forgive, and sometimes distance yourself from negative people who dampen your joy and strip you of your motivation.

You don't have to go it alone, and you don't have to drag the naysayers along behind you. Start finding your Yes Sisters today!
Yes Sisters Surrounding Yourself With Women Who Affirm, Encourage And Challenge You By Angelia White is the perfect book in encouraging women to have and surround themselves with Godly women. This book is also about being the women and friends you desire. If you desire the qualities and character traits that Angelia mentions in the book, then it's great to be aware of your own flaws when contributing to friendships.
This book is encouraging and helps the reader identify the types and kind of friends she needs in different seasons, while being that friend to others. 
 I absolutely love this book and I know you will too! So go grab yourself a copy, its an easy book to read, but a worth while book to invest your time into reading.

About the Author:

Angelia L. WhiteAngelia L. White is the creator of Hope for Women magazine, a quarterly publication with a reach of 200,000. A Ball State University Black Alumni Award of Achievement recipient, Angelia is a mother of three and the publisher, president, and CEO of HOPE for Women, headquartered in Muncie, Indiana. Rising from a background of discouragement, she spends her life encouraging other women to step into their full potential and share their inspiring stories.

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