Monday, August 26, 2019

Real Life Love: Saying Goodbye to the Fairytale and Hello to True Relationships by Michael Gibson (Goodreads Author), Les Parrott III

43212661Real Life Love: Saying Goodbye to the Fairytale and Hello to True Relationships

From the grandson of world-famous marriage expert Gary Smalley comes a practical and hope-filled guide to building great relationships. 

No one in history has seen a world like this. Never before has information been so accessible. Never before have people lived as long, enjoyed fuller bank accounts, or been more connected. Yet, we live in a world where relationships remain unfulfilled. People aren't happy. Marriages are falling apart. And the so-called "strongest relationships" we have are built on a simple swipe to the right.

So, what's the problem? If anyone can answer this impending question, it's Michael Gibson. Growing up with a front row seat to the life and marriage of his grandfather, best-selling author and speaker Gary Smalley, Michael witnessed firsthand what it truly takes to build a life filled with great relationships. Providing a modern take on time-tested wisdom for a new generation, Michael challenges us to push past the fake, heal the pain in our hearts, and move into a love that is real through 7 practical principles:

Honor others
Identify anger
Celebrate in the midst of trials
Understand the power of God's Word
Be second in a world of firsts
Identify the personalities of others to foster understanding

By the end of REAL LIFE LOVE, you will learn to love and be loved like never before, understand why you've been holding back on experiencing amazing relationships from the beginning, and ensure that the love of your life won't just come into your life but stay in your life.

My Thoughts:
Real Life Love caught my attention when I thought Michael Gibson, grandson of Gary Smalley would be writing about marriage relationships, and while the book does address love, it addresses relationships period. This book is an amazing tool to any reader who is looking to grow in their identity. Michael puts a strong emphasis on knowing yourself and the Lord, which will help you in your relationships with others. Real Life Love is all about breathing life into your relationships with practical ways to know how to love others wells. When we love God first, we are able to love others better. This book is compromised of seven principles that will help the reader! Get ready for a quick and great read! 

About the Author:
Michael  GibsonMichael Gibson is an Emmy® Award-winning television personality, author, and communicator. His popular blog and podcast help thousands learn how to have relationships that count. As the grandson of relationship expert and bestselling author Gary Smalley, Michael uses his knowledge and experiences from speaking alongside his grandpa at his conferences since he was ten years old and growing up as the son of marriage pastors to call others into deeper, fuller relationships. He calls the Ozark Mountains of Missouri home.

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