Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Faith is for the Weak People by Ray Comfort

42141001Faith is for the Weak People

Faith is For Weak People: Responding to the 20 Objections to the Gospel is a well written book on apologetics by Ray Comfort. Ray addresses the common questions raised against the faith and he responds in a way that provides biblical truth. He does this in creative ways to tackle hard questions, while equipping disciples and encouraging people in the process. This book will give the reader confidence and encouragement to answer questions, but also in understanding that they do know their Bible. I found this book to be helpful, but encouraging!

About the Author:
Ray ComfortRay is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and the best–selling author of more than 80 books, including, Hell's Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts in the Bible, and The Evidence Bible. He co–hosts (with actor Kirk Cameron) the award–winning television program "The Way of the Master," seen in 200 countries. He is also the Executive Producer on the movies "Audacity," "180," "Evolution vs. God," and others, which have been seen by millions. He and his wife, Sue, live in Bellflower, California, where they have three grown children.

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