Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Run the Mile You're In Finding God in Every Step By Ryan Hall

Run the Mile You're InFinding God in Every Step

By Ryan Hall 

Ryan Hall is an Olympic athlete and American record holder in the half marathon (59:43). But as a kid, Ryan hated running. He wanted nothing to do with the sport until one day, he felt compelled to run the 15 miles around his neighborhood lake. He was hooked.
Starting that day, Ryan felt a God-given purpose in running. He knew he could, and would, race with the best runners in the world and that his talent was a gift to serve others. These two truths launched Ryan's 20-year athletic career and guided him through epic failures and exceptional breakthroughs to competing at the highest level.
Along the way, Ryan learned how to focus on his purpose and say no to distractions, to select and strive for the right goals--goals for the heart as well as the body. With God's guidance and millions of miles pounded out on the track, Ryan discovered secrets to dealing with defeat and disappointment, enduring immense pain, building resilience, and ultimately, running as if you've already won.
Now a coach, speaker, and nonprofit partner, Ryan shares the powerful faith behind his athletic achievements and the lessons he learned that helped him push past limits, make space for relationships that enrich life on and off the running trails, and cultivate a positive mindset.
Journey with Ryan as he reflects on the joys and trials of the running life and discover for yourself the power of a life devoted to your God-given purpose.

My Thoughts:
As a huge runner and someone who loves following olympic marathon runners, I was excited to read Run the Mile Your In by Ryan Hall. I have read a previous title by Ryan and enjoyed it. I knew this book would be just as good. Ryan's faith places a large part in his running, workouts and races. This book is motivating and inspirational. I love reading this book as it inspires me to get out and run. I also love how he breaks up the chapters and goes into some life lessons that we all can learn, whether a runner or not. This is a great book and one that I highly recommend! 

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