Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Run the Mile You're In Finding God in Every Step By Ryan Hall

Run the Mile You're InFinding God in Every Step

By Ryan Hall 

Ryan Hall is an Olympic athlete and American record holder in the half marathon (59:43). But as a kid, Ryan hated running. He wanted nothing to do with the sport until one day, he felt compelled to run the 15 miles around his neighborhood lake. He was hooked.
Starting that day, Ryan felt a God-given purpose in running. He knew he could, and would, race with the best runners in the world and that his talent was a gift to serve others. These two truths launched Ryan's 20-year athletic career and guided him through epic failures and exceptional breakthroughs to competing at the highest level.
Along the way, Ryan learned how to focus on his purpose and say no to distractions, to select and strive for the right goals--goals for the heart as well as the body. With God's guidance and millions of miles pounded out on the track, Ryan discovered secrets to dealing with defeat and disappointment, enduring immense pain, building resilience, and ultimately, running as if you've already won.
Now a coach, speaker, and nonprofit partner, Ryan shares the powerful faith behind his athletic achievements and the lessons he learned that helped him push past limits, make space for relationships that enrich life on and off the running trails, and cultivate a positive mindset.
Journey with Ryan as he reflects on the joys and trials of the running life and discover for yourself the power of a life devoted to your God-given purpose.

My Thoughts:
As a huge runner and someone who loves following olympic marathon runners, I was excited to read Run the Mile Your In by Ryan Hall. I have read a previous title by Ryan and enjoyed it. I knew this book would be just as good. Ryan's faith places a large part in his running, workouts and races. This book is motivating and inspirational. I love reading this book as it inspires me to get out and run. I also love how he breaks up the chapters and goes into some life lessons that we all can learn, whether a runner or not. This is a great book and one that I highly recommend! 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Brave Surrender Let God's Love Rewrite Your Story By Kim Walker-Smith

Brave SurrenderLet God's Love Rewrite Your Story

By Kim Walker-Smith 

Kim Walker Smith's passionate performance of "How He Loves" helped transform Jesus Culture into a global worship movement. Brave Surrender is the story of how Kim journeyed from a place of shame and fear to stages around the world where she boldly proclaims the unconditional love of God. Through her own story, Kim inspires us to experience true freedom and healing with Jesus.
Coming from a painful childhood, Kim struggled to believe that God could heal her heart or bring any sense from her past. Yet when faced with the choice to hand her struggles over to God and receive His love in return, everything began to change. On the other side of surrender, Kim began a journey of looking at one painful memory at a time with God and exchanging her perspective for His truth - a journey in which God rewrote her story of pain into a story of redemption and hope.
If you are longing to experience God more than the shame or hurts of your past, the pressures of your present, or the fear of your future, Brave Surrender offers a soul-healing path forward. As Kim learned in her own life, the first step - and the bravest step - is letting go. Once we let go of anything that gets between us and God, we are freed to take hold of the life that truly matters. As Kim writes, "When we encounter God's love, it changes the way we see. And when we learn to see what He sees, we will never be the same again."

My Thoughts:
Brave Surrender by Kim Walker Smith is a refreshing book that is authentic and nurtured my soul with a genuine voice in the way that she has a beautiful style to writing. This book did not take me long to read because her style of writing has an ease and is seamless for the reader. You feel as though you are having a conversation with Kim over coffee and she is pouring into you with life, passion and surrender. I love her heart for worship and the way she invites the reader into her journey of surrender into a real and raw way. Her book is a a great read and you will really enjoy it! I highly recommend this book! 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Midnight Lullabies: Moments of Peace for Moms by Lauren Eberspacher

41161425Midnight Lullabies: Moments of Peace for Moms

Friday, April 26, 2019

When He Found Me (Road to Refuge #1) by Victoria Bylin

43612132When He Found Me (Road to Refuge #1)

Love Discovered . . . Hope Renewed
Once a strong Christian, third baseman Shane Riley lost his faith the night he injured his knee in a freak car accident. Determined to return to professional baseball and to find the sister he treated badly, Shane retreats to Refuge, Wyoming. There he meets Melissa June “MJ” Townsend, a single mom battling the virus that causes cervical cancer. 

MJ wants nothing to do with the handsome athlete—no doubt a womanizer considering the stories in the news. But when a mistake results in Shane renting her garage apartment, they become friends. That friendship blossoms into something deep and pure, leaving MJ with a painful secret to tell. Even more complicated, she discovers an unexpected tie to Shane’s missing sister—a wounded woman who wants nothing to do with the perfect brother who scorned her. 

My Thoughts:
I have read several novels by Victoria Bylin and she is definitely an author that I enjoy reading. At the opportunity to read When He Found Me, I was excited and could not wait! This book is incredible and I had a difficult time putting down this story. From the very first chapter, my heart was brought into the story and I was not able to stop reading. With tremendous depth, plot and character development, I was enchanted by the journey that each character took. Their stories are real, raw and painful. I could not stop reading. 
This book is powerful and one that a review cannot put into words. This book is just one that everyone should read. It is a story of forgiveness, hope and redemption. I am excited to read the next book in this series. If you love powerful Christian fiction books, I highly recommend this book! 

About the Author:
Victoria BylinKnown for her realistic, likable characters and vivid writing, Victoria Bylin writes both western and contemporary inspirational romance. Together With You, a story about family and forgiveness, won the FHL Readers Choice Award for Best Contemporary, and her historicals have finaled in the Carol Awards, Rita Awards, and RT Magazine’s Reviewers’ Choice Awards. Her most recent book, The Two Of Us, was a "Target Recommends" selection in August 2017.She and her husband currently live in Lexington, Kentucky and have two grown sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law, and three adorable grandchildren.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Loving My Actual Neighbor: 7 Practices to Treasure the People Right in Front of You by Alexandra Kuykendall

40392297Loving My Actual Neighbor: 7 Practices to Treasure the People Right in Front of You

As Christians, we know we are called to love our neighbor. We may even grasp that "neighbor" encompasses more than just the people living next door or down the street. But what we too often don't know is how to begin. How do we love our neighbor? Where do we start? What does this look like in our increasingly isolated world?
“Ten Ways to Connect with Families Throughout the Year, Ten Ways to Love Your Homebound Neighbors, and Ten Reasons to Have a Block Party.” I love the ideas that are presented in each of these sections and they are super relatable. 
This book is a very practical resource and will challenge the reader to step out in faith to love your neighbors.

Friday, April 19, 2019

What a Great Word for Grads: A Devotional by Karen Moore

41215391What a Great Word for Grads: A Devotional

Thursday, April 18, 2019

God Is in the Small Stuff 20th Anniversary Edition by Bruce Bickel, Stan Jantz

40738371God Is in the Small Stuff 20th Anniversary Edition

Stop worrying, and invite God into the details of your life!
Bruce & Stan's bestselling God Is in the Small Stuff is back and better than ever in this special 20th-anniversary edition! And their message--God is in all of life's little details--is as timely today as it was two decades ago. While encouraging you not to disregard the minor, insignificant things in life, God Is in the Small Stuff invites a better understanding of God's infinite character, reminding you that He is a personal and intimate God, involved in every detail of your life. God Is In the Small Stuff. . .and it all matters features 40 chapters covering topics like "Remember that God Loves You," "Discipline Yourself (No One Else Will)," and "Contentment Won't Kill You." Each chapter includes commentary in the classic, tongue-in-cheek Bruce & Stan style, followed by pithy, often humorous, wisdom.

My Thoughts:
God Is in the Small Stuff 20th Anniversary Edition by Bruce Bickel &  Stan Jantz is a great little book! This book has awesome wisdom for being such a small book. Each section can be read in about 5-10 minutes with says, inspiration and wisdom to you daily walk with the Lord. I have highlighted many of the pages and quotes because it is very inspiring, but also I know this is things I want to remember. I recommend reading this as a devotional to soak it all in.  This is one of those books that you will read in different seasons of life, so perfect to keep on the shelf. 
*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What a Great Word for Moms: A Devotional by Karen Moore

What a Great Word for Moms: A DevotionalWhat a Great Word for Moms: A Devotional

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters by Blythe Daniel,Helen McIntosh


Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters

“An amazing resource for anyone who desires to deepen their mother-daughter relationship in a biblical, healthy, and healed way.”
—Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries
You can be restored even when your relationship is frayed
Ever wonder why mothers and daughters can be so different and even seem to speak different languages?
Both Helen and Blythe offer encouragement to the reader, but also freedom to those who have experienced hurt and pain in relationship. They offer hope to the reader who might have expectations that need to be realigned and healing for the relationships to be restore. Forgiveness is a huge part of mended. This book is a great read. I highly recommend this book. It is one you are not able to put down. It is a great book. This is a great read for mothers and daughters, especially with Mother's Day around the corner.


Monday, April 15, 2019

Exceedingly: Spiritual Strategies for Living on Purpose, with Purpose, and for an Abundant Purpose by Anita Agers-Brooks

42245205Exceedingly: Spiritual Strategies for Living on Purpose, with Purpose, and for an Abundant Purpose

Ephesians 3:20 is the verse that the Lord gave my husband this year, so Exceedingly has been the perfect book to read. This book is packed with spiritual truths that help all believers firm their purpose in faith and in life. I enjoyed the chapter on it is important to play. In a life that is busy, stressed out and full, we so often don't take the time to relax and play, but we need to. We need to take the time to spend time giggling, dreaming and enjoying the simple things in life. While this book appears small, it is packed full of good wisdom and truth. I found this book to be incredibly helpful and one that I will read in different seasons. I love that it hits Ephesians 3:20 and it has spoken so much truth to me. I cannot wait for my husband to read it! I highly recommend it!

About the Author:
Anita Agers-Brooks Anita Brooks motivates others to dynamic break-throughs. Blending mind, heart, and spirit, as an Inspirational Business/Life Coach, International Speaker, and Common Trauma Expert. 

Anita is also an award-winning author. Her titles include Amazon best seller: Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over, Barbour Publishing, First Hired, Last Fired — How to Become Irreplaceable in Any Job Market, Leafwood Publishing, Death Defied-Life Defined: A Miracle Man's Memoir, and contributor to The Change: Insights Into Self Empowerment Book #4. Her books are available at major and independent bookstores, Amazon, plus several online retailers.

She fulfills her mission to help 21st century women and men make fresh starts with fresh faith by sharing what she’s learned through experience, interviews, and research. Anita shares hope and encouragement on her Fresh Faith Inspirations podcast. 

Anita’s favorite pastime is watching sunsets with her husband of 30 years, while they laugh and dip their toes in the water. Her favorite passion is inspiring others to transform battles into victories.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Choosing Real: A Devotional Thought Journal by Bekah Jane Pogue

40738381Choosing Real: A Devotional Thought Journal

When you enjoy God's company first--even in the uncertain moments of life--the heavenly Creator will transform your mind to view your schedule, work, relationships, parenting, and responsibilities as opportunities to dance in life's storms and honor how beautiful simple can be. That's the message of the Choosing REAL journal, where popular author and blogger, Bekah Pogue, walks with you into life’s unplanned circumstances. . .and she reminds you it is in these very moments that God invites you to notice, respond, and even celebrate how He shows up—in every little detail. Featuring quotes from Pogue's, Choosing REAL, alongside inspiring scripture selections and journal prompts, you will be encouraged to record your personal thoughts and feelings. . .and to accept the invitation to embrace life just as it is! 

My Thoughts:
Choosing Real, A Devotional Thought Journal by Bekah Jane Pogue is a perfect devotional journal. Each day has two pages, one with a scripture verse and the other a blank page for you to process your thoughts with the Lord. The second pages also has a question for you to answer a question. This is the perfect journal to take on the road, throw in your bag or stop to take a break during your lunch as you walk with the Lord. The pages are sturdy, along with the journal. I love that it is hardcover as well. This is a great resource and would be a nice gift for a friend. I highly recommend it.

About the author:
Bekah Jane PogueAn "everyday Jane," Bekah Jane Pogue is an author, speaker and heart-felt encourager.

Bekah loves communicating, whether in small groups or large conferences, as if you were sitting on her couch and catching up as old friends. She is a guest writer for Yellow Conference and loves coaching new writers in their journey. 

You can find her at the beach, reading, baking, rearranging furniture or flea-marketing. She and her husband, Bryan, have been married a dozen years and have two energetic boys. They reside at the Pogue Cottage in Southern CA, where dance parties are a regular occurrence.

If you’re looking for vulnerability, down with talking about hard things and desiring real join Bekah at www.BekahPogue.com.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Shadow Among Sheaves by Naomi Stephens

40738384Shadow Among Sheaves

A Timeless, Beautiful Allegory of the Biblical Love Story of Ruth and Boaz
The Great Rebellion of 1857 was a remarkably bloody business. At a time when Britain’s imperial influence in India was sparking brutal clashes on both sides, no one could have expected Rena, an Indian woman, to marry a British officer—nor do they understand her decision to follow her mother-in-law to England after her husband’s tragic death. 
Once the two widows are in Abbotsville, the stern yet compassionate Lord Barric attempts to help them despite his better judgment. Soon he is torn between the demands of reputation and his increasing desire to capture Rena’s heart for his own.

My Thoughts:
Wow! I love authors who are amazing story tellers. Naomi Stephens is an author that is not to be missed. She can tell a story of the the Bible and make it come to life. In the story of Shadow Among Sheaves, she takes the fiction liberty to tell the story of Ruth and while it doesn't follow the story completely from the Bible, again she uses creative liberty, she does a heck of a job telling a beautiful story of Ruth. I love how as a reader we can see what it is like to grow up having everything and in the end, have absolutely nothing. You'll enjoy the story of Rena in here too, I promise. The character development, plot and writing of this book was fantastic! This book is a breath of fresh air!

About the Author:
Naomi StephensNaomi Stephens is a bookworm turned teacher turned writer. She received a B.A. in English from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, and an M.A. in English from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. 

In bookstores, Naomi gravitates towards 19th-century British novels—the broodier the better (i.e., Jane Eyre)—but she can also be found perusing the young adult, mystery, and fantasy sections. Anything that keeps her turning pages past midnight.

Though she has called many places home over the years, she currently lives in Ohio with her husband, her two children, and a rascal of a dog named Sherlock. When not writing or having adventures with her family, she can be found drinking tea, practicing photography, and pining for London

Friday, April 12, 2019

Driftwood Bay (Hope Harbor #5) by Irene Hannon

40392254Driftwood Bay

(Hope Harbor #5)

My Thoughts:
Irene Hannon takes her readers back to Hope Harbor for this fifth book in this charming series. I love this little town on the coast of Oregon and its character who are intricate and human! I find their stories to be authentic and as the reader, they seem real to me. One character is dealing with incredible loss, while another is trying to raise a 5 year old niece. Even a beagle puppy adds a bit of drama to whole thing. All while the author weaves into the story about a Syrian refugee family fleeing from war and coming to their tiny time. This book feels real and is a great read! I love how the author has written book five with characters who face difficult circumstances, have real emotions and deal with matters of faith. This book and this entire series is a win to me! Grab all five books in this series! You won't be disappointed!

About the Author:
Irene HannonIrene Hannon, who writes both contemporary romance and romantic suspense, is the author of more than 50 novels. Her books have been honored with three coveted RITA awards from Romance Writers of America (the “Oscar” of romance fiction) and she is a member of that organization's elite Hall of Fame. She has also received a Career Achievement award from RT Book Reviews for her entire body of work. Other awards for individual books include National Readers' Choice, HOLT Medallion, Daphne du Maurier, Retailers Choice, Booksellers' Best, and Reviewers' Choice from RT Book Reviews. She is also a two-time Christy award finalist.

A former corporate communications executive with a Fortune 500 company, Irene now writes full time. To learn more about Irene and her books, visit www.irenehannon.com.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Justice Delivered (Memphis Cold Case #4) by Patricia Bradley

40392249Justice Delivered

(Memphis Cold Case #4)

Patricia  BradleyWinner of an Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award in Suspense, Patricia Bradley lives in North Mississippi with her rescue kitty, Suzy, and loves to write suspense with a twist of romance. Her Logan Point series is available at all on-line retailers and major bookstores. In September 2017, JUSTICE BURIED, the second book in the Memphis Cold Case Novels will release.

Her workshops on writing include online courses with American Christian Fiction Writers, workshops at the Mid-South Christian Writer’s Conference, ACFW Minnesota NICE and Memphis ACFW. When she has time, she likes to throw mud on a wheel and see what happens.