Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Desired by God: Discover a Strong, Soul-Satisfying Relationship with God by Understanding Who He Is and How Much He Loves You by Van Moody

36576153Desired by God: Discover a Strong, Soul-Satisfying Relationship with God by Understanding Who He Is and How Much He Loves You

We were made to be in relationship with God, wired to love and be loved by Him. We feel truly whole and complete only when we have a vital, passionate relationship with Him. And that relationship can occur only with a deep understanding of who God is and how much He loves us.

As the story of the Bible makes clear, God’s earnest love for His people is continually given and rejected. To understand how God can keep pursuing us like this, we must see Him as He is: overflowing with desire for, and relentlessly in pursuit of, His people. Desired by God gives a refreshing, eye-opening picture of this God, who wants with all His heart for us to know Him. And when we see Him clearly and fall in love with Him, we will find ourselves more grounded, satisfied, and cared for than we ever dreamed possible.

My Thoughts:
Desired by God is a great book that reminds the reader that people were created for relationship with God. Not only were we created for relationship with Him, but we are completely loved by Him and called to love Him. 
Throughout several of the chapters, the author gives examples of how God's people reject him and how people received His love. The author uses examples from the Bible and shows the reader how God is LOVE. This book reminded me again and again how I do not deserve Gods love, but He gives so freely and I need to accept it regardless of how I might feel on a particular day. I think we need to be careful not to get into a works based mentality, but just to receive God's love regardless of the situation that we might find ourselves in from day to day and this book reminded of that.  Overall, the author made some great points, some receptive, but great for someone who really struggles with believing God loves them. 

About the Author:
Van MoodyField expert Van Moody is an author, motivational speaker, pastor, and media expert source who advises on matters related to relationships as they pertain to friends, family, significant others and the workplace.

Moody has lectured in the classrooms of Harvard and Oxford Universities where he, himself, has also studied to further his quest for knowledge. Among his numerous affiliations, Moody is an associate trainer in Japan for EQUIP, the world's largest and most comprehensive grassroots leadership, personal growth and development organization founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell. He also serves on the board of directors for Joel Osteen's Champions Network.

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