Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Faith of Dolly Parton: Lessons from Her Life to Lift Your Heart by Dudley J. Delffs

36575765The Faith of Dolly Parton: Lessons from Her Life to Lift Your Heart


Dolly Parton has entertained, educated, and inspired millions of fans for over five decades. Whether she’s writing songs, performing live, recording new albums, acting in or producing new movies and TV programs, expanding her wildly successful Dollywood amusement park, helping children around the world learn to read with her Imagination Library nonprofit, or donating millions of dollars to schools, charities, and people in need, the Queen of Country Music has never been shy about crediting her Christian faith for her success.
“A belief in God is essential,” Dolly shares. “You have to believe in something bigger than yourself. We grew up believing that through God all things are possible.” Growing up in the little mountain church where her grandfather preached, Dolly started singing hymns and playing guitar at services when she was only six. Consequently, she has never been shy about discussing her faith and relationship with God. “People say, ‘Well, I am surprised that you talk about your faith,’ and I say, ‘Why not? That’s who I am. That’s what keeps me going,’” she explains. 

My Thoughts:

The Faith of Dolly Parton is a wonderful book that imparts ten life lessons that draw from her life, music and the way she carries herself. The words of Dudley Delffs highlight personal, yet practical examples on how we can trust God during difficult seasons, remain faithful in our walk with steadiness and also find our sense of humor in the midst of trials. This book digs deep into the faith of Dolly Parton and her relationship with the Lord, which I never really understood was so strong.
Personally, I did not know much about Dolly Parton until reading this book. I did not realize how strong of a believer she is or how her faith has kept her grounded in her music accomplishments. Her story of faith inspired me to grow in mine and to continue to push my dreams further. This book written by Dudley Delffs is a one that I felt is inspiring, beautiful and a great tribute to the character of Dolly Parton. I also believe it reminds us how God uses each person in the Kingdom of God no matter how great or small their talents are. We are all to be used to advance His Kingdom, if we allow Him to use us. Thank you to Wynn Wynn Media for providing a complimentary copy of this book. A review was not required for a complimentary copy. I give this book 4.5/ 5 stars. Thank you to the publisher for sending me a complimentary copy.

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