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An Amish Family Four Stories By Kathleen Fuller

An Amish FamilyFour Stories

By Kathleen Fuller 

In An Amish Family, beloved author of Amish romance, Kathleen Fuller, invites readers into the lives of four Amish families.
Building Trust
Grace Miller and Joel King are in love. They’ve dated secretly for the past year and when he proposes marriage, Grace eagerly agrees. But when she tells her parents about the wedding, she’s shocked when her father tells her she can’t marry Joel. Can Grace get to the bottom of her father’s animosity toward Joel so they can have the happily ever after she’s always dreamed of?
A Heart Full of Love (also in An Amish Cradle)
Ellie’s mother hasn’t stopped meddling in her personal life since Ellie lost her sight—and she’s taken it up a notch now that Ellie’s pregnant. When Ellie gives birth to twins, her mother insists on moving in to care for them. But when her mother’s behavior becomes unbearable, Ellie is forced to take a stand . . . and finally find out why Mamm can’t let go.
Surprised by Love
In a desperate move to evade her match-making mother, Emily Shwartz announces that she’s already seeing someone: Reuban Coblentz. The trouble is, Reuban is barely even a friend. Seeing how desperate she is, Reuban plays along. But when the past sneaks up on them, will this temporary arrangement turn into everlasting love?

My Thoughts:
Kathleen Fuller fans will love this set of novella's in An Amish Family. Two of the four have been previously published, but I still loved re-reading them. Each story has strong . characters with deep Amish values and a sense of community. You'll love the sense of family, hope and sweet romance in each of these stories. I loved that I could read a novella each nice before I went to bed and finish it. They are such light heart reads and a great collection. My favorite story is a Heart Full of Love. It is great read! This collection is one that I will read again and again. I give this collection 5/5 stars. A favorable review was not required.

About the Author:
Kathleen FullerBest-selling author of Amish fiction. Also a wife, mother, crafter, coffee addict, football fan, and chocolate aficionado.

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