Saturday, May 5, 2018

Okayest Mom: When God's Plan of Adoption Doubled My Family by Natalie Gwyn

36342116Okayest Mom: When God's Plan of Adoption Doubled My Family

NATALIE GWYN uses humor to brilliantly capture how God led and helped this mother of two to adopt four children from Ethiopia and successfully bond her blended family.
The wife of a technology entrepreneur, already birth mother of two healthy young children-a boy and a girl-was living comfortably in the suburbs. Then she doubled the size of her family by adopting four Ethiopian children. Why?
Her answer: "God."
Popular blogger NATALIE GWYN has been cited widely for her candid, insightful, often humorous writing on cross-cultural adoptive Christian families (which number more than 4 million). HuffPo has linked to her controversial posts and celebrities like Kathie Lee Gifford have quoted and pictured her on social media. Here Natalie tells her whole mom story, including the only-God-could-do-this backstory.
The adventure of adoption is not always an easy road and blogger, Natalie Gwyn offers her own journey of adoption through this heartfelt journey in Okayest Mom. This book will give the story of being a mom that her blog doesn't always show. With humor and inspiration, this book is encouraging, but also heavy at times. It will encourage you in motherhood in a completely different way. I love how transparent Natalie is throughout her journey and also how she talks about the issues her children face are children issues, not adoption issues. That was a great paradigm shift for me, which I enjoyed learning and understanding. This book is informative and helpful. It will encourage you no matter the stage you are at in motherhood or in the adoptive process. 

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