Saturday, April 7, 2018

Decluttering at the Speed of Lfie Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff By Dana K. White

Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff

You don’t have to live overwhelmed by stuff—you can get rid of clutter for good!
While the world seems to be in love with the idea of tiny houses and minimalism, real women with real families who are constantly growing and changing simply can’t purge it all and start from nothing. Yet a home with too much stuff is a home that is difficult to maintain, so where do we begin? Add in paralyzing emotional attachments and constant life challenges, and it can feel almost impossible to make real decluttering progress.
In Decluttering at the Speed of Life, decluttering expert and author Dana White identifies the mind-sets and emotional challenges that make it difficult to declutter. Then, in her signature humorous approach, she provides workable solutions to break through these struggles and get clutter out—for good!
But more than simply offering strategies, Dana dives deep into how to implement them, no matter the reader’s clutter level or emotional resistance to decluttering. She helps identify procrasticlutter—the stuff that will get done eventually so it doesn’t seem urgent—as well as how to make progress when there’s no time to declutter.
Sections of the book include
Why You Need This Book (You Know Why)
Your Unique Home
Decluttering in the Midst of Real Life
Change Your Mind, Change Your Home
Breaking Through Your Decluttering Delusions
Working It Out Room by Room
Helping Others Declutter
Real Life Goes On (and On)
As long as we’re living and breathing, new clutter will appear. The good news is that decluttering can get easier, become more natural, and require significantly fewer hours, less emotional bandwidth, and little to no sweat to keep going.
My Thoughts:
Decluttering at the Speed of Life is a book that refreshes my soul. I have had issues regarding parting with stuff and decluttering. The root of parting with stuff is something deeper than material items and I am well aware of that, which is why I love Dana. She offers simple, practical ways to get rid of your clutter that is helpful. She doesn't shame you for your stuff or your clutter, but she isn't afraid to call you out on it either, which I need and love. One of her main points is that if it doesn't serve a purpose, get rid of it. I love that. How many things could I get rid of if I could just establish that thought into my life? 
So, through reading this book, I have slowly been able to do just that. If it doesn't serve a purpose get rid of it. I started with my closets and have been able to get rid of two trash bags of clothes. They don't serve a purpose, I don't love them anymore, so I am getting rid of them.  This isn't a book on organizing or cleaning, but really how to declutter your home environment to leave more peacefully. It helps you do it fast or slower depending on your lifestyle. 
This book is perfect for anyone looking to make changes in their lifestyle and home environment. If you are opening to getting rid of stuff, you will love this book. I give this book 5/5 stars. A favorable review was not required.

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