Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Baker Compact Dictionary of Biblical Studies by Tremper Longman III, Mark L. Strauss

35138423The Baker Compact Dictionary of Biblical Studies

My Thoughts:
This small handy book is the perfect pocket size book that contains a significant amount of words/ definitions and phrases about the Bible. Aside from Biblical terms, it also notes people, geographic locations and items that are relevant to Bible studies. I love that this book is written to help pastors, scholars and laypeople or even those of us who want to learn more. This is a great resource to keep handy, especially since it cover a wide variety of topics. This is just valuable tool to have in your library as you study the word of God because it will help you go deeper. 
This little handy book is by no means an exhaustive dictionary, but rather a supplementary tool to your Bible or Bible studies and one you could even tuck in your Bible case. It is very handy with over 500 terms and topics. I have pulled it out a couple of times to look up places and terms. I highly recommend it, especially at $9.99. You can't go wrong for that price. i give this book 4.5/5 stars. 

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