Sunday, February 4, 2018

Words from the Heart By Kathleen Fuller

Words from the Heart

By Kathleen Fuller 

Her fingertips brushed against something else in the box of doilies. She lifted a bundle of letters, neatly tied with a thin red ribbon . . .
Ivy Yoder hasn’t heard from John King in over a year. She knows it’s time to let go of the idea that they will one day marry, but she’s humiliated to be one of the oldest single women in her Amish community of Birch Creek. When quirky Cevilla Schlabach asks her to help clean out an attic, Ivy is grateful for the distraction.
Noah Schlabach isn’t from Birch Creek, or even Ohio. His job as an auctioneer takes him around the country and away from a typical Amish life, but he still remains devoted to his family. So when his aging aunt asks him to help clean out her attic, he agrees. Plus, who knows what curious items he might find up there?
As Noah and Ivy work side by side, they come across a different kind of treasure: a packet of letters written during the Korean War. Soon they are swept up in the story of two young people falling in love—even as they remain determined not to fall in love themselves.
Words from the Heart is a moving story of lost love letters, fragile fears, and the beauty of taking another step forward.
My Thoughts:
First, the cover of this book is more gorgeous in person than it is on the computer. It is stunning! Second, "Words from the Heart" is a book that will tug at your heart strings and emotions. It will deepen your faith and you'll be left wondering if faced with the same choice as Cevilla would choose the same? It is a book full of treasures, faith and love. It is a wonderful read that will tug at your heart. I love how Kathleen has taken something historical and has intertwined history within this Amish novel through letters. It is absolutely beautiful and completely classy. Out of all three book in the Amish Letters Series, this is my favorite. I recommend you reading all three, but they do not need to be read in order. They can be read as stand alone novels, but if you have the opportunity to read all three books, read them in order. They are awesome! I give this book 5/5 stars! You won't regret reading this book or series!
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About the Author:
Kathleen FullerBest-selling author of Amish fiction. Also a wife, mother, crafter, coffee addict, football fan, and chocolate aficionado.

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