Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Amish Sweethearts Four Amish Novellas By Amy Clipston

Amish Sweethearts
Four Amish Novellas

By Amy Clipston 

Love abounds and is found in all four of these sweet novella's! Perfect for that special Valentine in your life. Grab a copy today. 

Love and Buggy Rides (previously published in An Amish Harvest)

Jamie Lantz is a cashier at Lancaster Souvenirs and Buggy Rides, where Jonathan Stoltfuz is a buggy driver. When an accident occurs that leave that leaves Jonathan shaken up, questions begin to stir as to who started the accident. What does this do to Jonathan? And will he blame himself? All the meanwhile, Jamie and Jonathan's friendship is blooming, but will the obstacles of Jonathan's heart stand in the way? 

A Home for Lindsay
From Amy Clipston's beloved Kauffman Amish Bakery series comes the story of Lindsay Bedford. Lindsey has been waiting till her and Matthew can be married. She has been looking forward to being his wife, until he calls of the wedding. This is a story that was unexpected for me and my heart felt for Lindsay. Amy did a fantastic job of allowing the reader to experience the emotions of this story between the two characters. I was surprised by my own emotions that this story brought to life. 
Where the Heart Is
Tobias Smucker os back home and it's not secret he and his father are still not on the best of terms. However, Mariella, his little sister's best friend not only may have her heart set on Tobias. This story is another great story that brought tears to my eyes as I thought of family and that each of us has a story to tell within our families that doesn't always meet the eye. Sometimes, we need others to come around us to help us discover that. 
Love Birds (previously published in An Amish Market)
While Ellie Lapp and her mother are mourning the loss of her brother, Seth, Ellie starts working at one of the gift shops in town. Lloyd, a friend of Seth's is a skilled wood carver and is very talents when it comes to carving birds. However, Lloyd father disapproves. Ellie see's beyond the disapproval and agrees for Lloyd to sell them in the shop. However, beytral sets in and Lloyd does not think he can trust Ellie or will he see that it wasn't betrayl, but a mistake? Is all hope gone for a potential future between the two of them?
Amish Sweethearts is a great book with four sweet stories that you will enjoy. Some of the characters are familiar from other series that Amy has written. I enjoy how Amy brings the reader into the emotion of each scene and you experience the scene with the characters, not just read about it. This makes her writing stand out in the Amish Fiction world. 
All four novella's kept my attention, especially as Amy writes about "real" life. She weaves redemption, healing, love and forgiveness in these stories, which makes them all the more enjoyable. 
If you want to read books by someone who has experienced Amish culture and writes with integrity, along with some creative liberty, pick up Amish Sweethearts. You won't be disappointed. 

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