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You Are Beautiful: A Model Makeover from Insecure to Confident in Christ by Ashley Reitz, Lorilee Craker (

34849174You Are Beautiful: A Model Makeover from Insecure to Confident in Christ

Have you ever felt like you were not enough-not pretty enough, thin enough, or enough enough?
You will never be all that the world demands you to be-it's impossible. Just ask curve model Ashley Reitz, who struggled for years with feeling overlooked, frizzy-haired, round-faced, and chubby. Her insecurity, disordered eating, and weight issues derailed her happiness and set her on a treadmill of constantly trying to be enough and never succeeding.
Even after Ashley grew up, graduated from beauty school, and launched a successful international modeling career, it took overcoming some painfully dark circumstances to provide her with the needed clarity and strength to confront her deeply rooted insecurities. She realized she had to surrender daily, actively seeking her acceptance and finding her worth in Jesus alone. Finally, she realized the truth: She was already beautiful.
And so are you! Join Ashley as she explores topics of confidence, beauty, positive body image, and the maddening-and futile-pursuit of perfection. Like an encouraging friend and sister, Ashley speaks truth and healing into your life as you:
Rethink your true source of identity and confidence.
Choose physical and spiritual wellness over our culture's unnatural fixation with being "skinny."
Take back the power you and millions of others have unwittingly handed over to the media.
Learn to believe God's words of love and value about you, every day.
Are inspired by a formerly insecure "hot mess" who has been transformed through seeking her confidence in Christ alone.
Believe that you are enough, because Jesus said so.

My Thoughts:
In our world today, it is easy to feel as one is overlooked or not slender enough. The feeling of not being "enough" is very common in our society today with standards that are impossible to live up too and media that bombards us daily with images of women that we "should" be. Yet, these are all lies and Ashley Reitz dispels the lies as a model in "You are Beautiful."  She lets the reader into a world where she too faced the lies of perfection, weight issues, insecurity and wanting to look perfect as a model. However, she has come a long way in her journey and has wrestled with this battled. Her message, "You are beautiful! "

Reitz hits on a variety of topics including perfection, confidence, beauty, body image and identitiy. In the end, she wants the reader to grab their Bible, listen and take the word of God in as truth and the most important media, rather than listening to society. If we would stop focusing on the world around us and see us the way God see's us, we would love ourselves and have a healthier image of who we are in Christ and his purpose for us. 

This book is perfect for tweens, young adults or college age students. It would be perfect for those who are in those formative years and are struggling with who they are. However with that in mind, this book has amazing truths for a woman of any age, especially as this book is full of encouragement, told from a Biblical perspective and is a quick read.  I highly recommend it. I give this book 5/5 stars. A favorable review was not required. 

About the Author:
Ashley ReitzAshely Reitz works with top agencies as a "curve model," offering her a platform to promote a healthy body image to young women. She has been an ambassador for a popular movement called Healthy Is the New Skinny and has been on the board for Miss SW Florida USA. Ashley has appeared in major magazines such as Seventeen and in national ad campaigns for Avon, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Along with her "match" B.T., she was a fan favorite on FOX TV's reality show Coupled. Follow her at ashleyreitz.com.

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