Monday, September 18, 2017

God Is for Real: And He Longs to Answer Your Most Difficult Questions by Todd Burpo, David Drury

God Is for Real: And He Longs to Answer Your Most Difficult Questions by Todd Burpo, David Drury

GOD IS FOR REAL addresses the questions: What is God like? Why are things the way they are in spite of who God is? If Todd's first book, Heaven Is for Real, was about the then and there of heaven, GOD IS FOR REAL is about the here and now on earth: Why are there are so many hypocritical church people? Why do Christians make such a big deal about the cross? Why doesn't God seem to answer our biggest prayers? People are tired of pat answers offered up in churchy language explaining away their questions; we want the down-and-dirty truth. What bothers us about life and faith is real and gritty. We need a plain-spoken voice to offer God's answers to difficult struggles and painful doubts. Todd charges into these subjects with a fireman's courage, a small-town friend's vulnerability, and a local pastor's compassion. He helps articulate the questions people have, then gives them relevant biblical wisdom for taking their next steps in faith. God is ready to meet you! Are you ready to meet Him?

My Thoughts:

Previously, I have read the book "Heaven is For Real" by Todd Burpo and that is the story of Todd's son, which is a fantastic read if you haven't read it. However, God is For Real is the book of tough questions that most people are looking for answers to, with practical and Biblical truths. I love how authentic Todd is with his approach and yet he helps the reader keep eternity in mind. This book is for anyone looking to have crucial and critical conversations about the Christian life. This is great for the believer or the non-believer. I enjoyed the story of the Jerusalem reporter and how Todd went into a deeper, yet meaningful discussion with her. Overall, I thought this book was thought provoking and it is a good book to soak in. Thank you to the publisher for providing a complimentary copy. I give this book 4/5 stars. 

About the Author:
Todd Burpo is pastor of Crossroads Wesleyan and a volunteer fireman. He and his wife, Sonja, have four children: Colton is an active 14-year-old; he has an older sister, Cassie; a younger brother, Colby; and a very special sister he met in heaven, yet to be named.

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