Sunday, August 20, 2017

Convicted by Jameel Zookie McGee & Andrew Collins

by Jameel Zookie McGee & Andrew Collins 

Jameel McGee: “For the next three years not a day went by that I didn’t think about my son who I had never seen and the cop who had kept me from him. And for most of those three years I promised myself that if I ever saw this cop again, I was going to kill him. I intended to keep that promise.” 
Andrew Collins: “I watched this angry man march through a crowd, a little boy and another man struggling to keep up with him....The man walked straight up to me, stopped, and stuck out his hand. I took it. “Remember me?” he asked in a tone that sounded more like a threat than a question. 
Somehow, a name came to me. ‘Jameel McGee,’ I replied.” 
It reads like a gripping crime novel…except this story really happened.
Racial tensions had long simmered in Benton Harbor, a small city on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, before the day a white narcotics officer--more focused on arrests than justice—set his sights on an innocent black man. But when officer Andrew Collins framed Jameel McGee for possession of crack cocaine, the surprising result was not a race riot but a transformative journey for both men. 
Falsely convicted, McGee spent four years in federal prison. Collins also went to prison a few years later for falsifying police reports. While behind bars, the faith of both men deepened. But the story took its most unexpected turn once they were released--when their lives collided again in a moment brimming with mistrust and anger. The two were on a collision course—not to violence—but forgiveness.  
As current as today’s headlines, this explosive, true story reveals how these radically conflicted men chose to let go of fear and a thirst for revenge to pursue reconciliation for themselves, their community, and our racially divided nation.

My Thoughts:

"Convicted" is a compelling and gripping novel that will have you turning the pages as you read the story of Jameel and Andrew. Jameel was convicted of a crime and Andrew was the police officer who arrested him. However, the story doesn't end there, but starts there. This is the story of how two men had an experience where their lives would forever be changes when they each surrendered their lives and turned to God. It is a powerful story of forgiveness, redemption, reconciliation and the gift of new life. I love how the story is told is present tense as we hear the first accounts by both Andrew and Jameel. This book is perfect because it relates to how the world and Christian culture are handling things today. We need to be more willing to forgive and move on, instead of being angry and holding on to hate. This book would be perfect for a church who has a prison ministry as it offers hope to those who are convicted of crimes they did not commit. It is also encouraging as it shows that people are failed, broken and need a savior even if they are in high positions in the world, such a police officers. It shows that no one is better than another. We are all equally loved by our creator. Thank you to Waterbook Multnomah for providing a complimentary copy for review. A favorable review was not required. I give this book 5/5 stars. 

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