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Twenty-Two: Letters to a Young Woman Searching for Meaning by Allison Trowbridge

Twenty-Two: Letters to a Young Woman Searching for Meaning


Allison Trowbridge harnesses the power of story in a series of letters to an imagined young woman wrestling with the questions that arise as she stands on the precipice of adulthood.

Our life’s journey is our life’s destination.

Never in history has a young woman had so many options before her, yet never has she had less direction or guidance on what to do with them. A woman at the precipice of adulthood often finds herself with more questions than answers, with more disenchantment than direction. How is she supposed to “lean in” to a successful career while also building deeply meaningful relationships? How can she care for the community around her while simultaneously developing a global mindset and changing the world? How can she be all that she is destined to be without feeling paralyzed by the pressure of so many prospects?

Allison Trowbridge knows this dilemma well. She remembers stepping into her twenties and wishing for a mentor to guide her through this dizzying season of life. In Twenty-Two, she becomes the mentor she was looking for. Drawing from her own experience and from the wisdom of others, she offers advice and counsel in a series of personal letters to “Ashley,” a fictional college student looking for mentorship from someone one step ahead in life.

Over the course of twenty-two letters, Trowbridge addresses a wide range of practical issues and ties them to larger concerns such as identity, loss, social impact as a lifestyle, wisdom in the ordinary moments, and the profound way God’s work is realized in how we live every day. Subtly weaving in today’s pressing social concerns—from poverty in our neighborhoods to human trafficking across the globe—Twenty-Two will inspire a greater sense of mission and a passion to live more fully as young women embark on their own remarkable journeys.

My Thoughts:

"Twenty Two" is a book where you spend time sinking your teeth into the letters between Allison and Ashley. I love how authentic this Allison is in her writing about not having her life all together, but is just super honest about the things she is going through when she is writing to Ashley. Our world could learn from her vulnerability and ability to express herself. I found this book to be refreshing and also would be perfect for the graduate in your life. 
Additionally, if you choose to read this book, I recommend taking time as you go through the letters. It will help the experiences that these two women share with one another, allow you to reflect on your own journey. This book can bring up great memories and did from my college years, but it also brought up some painful memories. I loved the premise of this book about having a mentor. I think we all need someone who is further along in the journey than we are. I think this book is inspiring and will allow you to live more passionately as you become more vulnerable with women in your community. I give this book 4/5 stars. A favorable review was not required.

About the Author:

Allison Trowbridge is a writer and social entrepreneur who has spent her career working against human trafficking and modern-day slavery—both through nonprofit and for-profit enterprises.
Allie is a graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara and is currently working on her MBA and British accent at the University of Oxford.
You can find her at @Alliebridge.

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