Monday, April 17, 2017

The Mouth-Body Connection: The 28-Day Program to Create a Healthy Mouth, Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Disease Throughout the Body by Gerald P. Curatola, Diane Reverand

The Mouth-Body Connection: The 28-Day Program to Create a Healthy Mouth, Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Disease Throughout the Body

The Mouth-Body Connection educates the reader on the natural ecology of the mouth. The oral microbiome consists of communities of 20 billion microorganisms of more than six hundred types-keeping these communities balanced is the key to well-being. 

Dr. Curatola's program, thirty years in the making, helps to restore microbiome balance and reduce health-destroying inflammation. The Curatola Care Program fosters a healthy oral microbiome by means of diet, supplements, exercise, and stress reduction. Four weeks of meal plans and fifty delicious recipes will convince you that eating for balance can be a treat. There are supplement schedules for each stage, two high-intensity band workouts that take only 15 minutes twice a week, relaxation techniques, and yoga postures to fight inflammation.

In just four weeks, you will reboot your body and begin to take control of your health. Best of all, your brilliant smile will prove that you have never felt better.

My Thoughts:
This book was so fascinating to me. I had never even considered the idea that you would be able to understand the health of an individual by looking into their mouth, gums and tongue. What do you think about that? Do you believe it? According to Dr. Curatola, that the health of your mouth may indicate things like stress, HIV, Leukemia, Liver Disease, Crohns, Diabetes and so much more. Your mouth is one of the first indicators before anywhere else. Fascinating eh? 
In this book, "The Mouth- Body Connection," Dr. Curatola lays out a 4 week plan of meals, recipes and talks about stress reduction to help you restore balance back into your system. The whole premise of this book is that as consumers of food, we need to watch how our bodies react to certain foods. We need to eliminate stress, exercise and take in supplements that are body may not be getting, but the right kind of supplements. Personally, I loved the meal plan and found it very helpful as I would have no idea where to get started. This book was very user friendly and practical. I found great value to this book in my personal health and I think as Americans we do not often stop to think about what we are putting in our mouth. I love the education behind this book. I want to re-read more and try more of the recipes behind this to follow the 4 week plan completely. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who take prescription medication and are looking to reset to their health. Thank you the publishers for providing me a complimentary copy for review purposes. A positive review was not required. I give this book 5/5 stars. 

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Mary Jackson said...

I have never heard of this before, it sounds like a book we all need to read.