Saturday, April 15, 2017

Champion - Victory Begins in the Heart Movie Review

Champion - Victory Begins in the Heart 

Dirt track racing churns up drama in the new faith-based film CHAMPION, releasing theatrically May 19, 2017. Following a tragic on-track accident that rips apart his family, race car driver Sean Weathers is left vulnerable, seeking comfort from the last person on earth who should help him. CHAMPION explores topics of forgiveness, fatherhood, foster parenting and the power of second chances. 

My Thoughts:

Woah! This is a movie you don't want to miss. My first impression was that the beginning moved a little slow, but as I realized, the makers behind the film were developing the characters very early on for the viewer. Heavy character development begins at the beginning, so if you're wondering where the action is within the first 10 minutes, stay with the movie because it suddenly takes a turn that you did not see coming. This movie makes you believe that forgiveness in any circumstance is possible. It shows you the goodness of God and I think this movie is for anyone who has ever struggled with a relationship that did not know how it was going to heal. The main character Sean, made a bad decision and continued to do so, but in the end God writes his story and it was beautiful, but he had to fight to get there. The story on the track is where it started, but God showed him with a man who was completely broken, a little girl who needed him and a whole lot of forgiveness, anything is possible. This movie will come to Theaters May 19, 2017 and I had the opportunity to pre-screen it. I give this film 5/5 stars. It is a christian film that your entire family can watch. I will say that their is a part of the movie where a child does have to go into a foster home and also a part of the film where their is a minor drinking scene, so if you do not want to expose your children to that, please advise. Neither of these scenes were distasteful or out of hand, but if your children are very young and you are not ready to have those conversations, then you might want to screen the movie first before bring them to the theater.

To learn more about the film, head here!  Go to the theaters May 19, where this movie releases! You won't want to miss it! You'll be in tears, you'll be rooting for the characters and their are twists and turns you will not expect! A great film all around! 


Anonymous said...

I am definitely taking my husband to this movie! The trailer looked awesome. Thank you, Sarah.
This will be a great movie. I will have to see if it is in our area. Always read your emails immediately.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog on Goodreads, sounds like you get to read and review a lot of books! I'd be interested in chatting with you more, Sarah. I sent you a message on goodreads. Have a great day.
Amy Stark