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The Joy of Letting Go by Vicki Caruana


The Joy of Letting Go: Releasing Your Teen into Real Life in the Big World(David C. Cook, April 2017)
With readings of encouragement and inspirational quotes, this devotional helps parents prepare their hearts for their children’s independence, whether their kids are just starting kindergarten or graduating from college.
Parents let go of their children every day, even in ways they don’t realize. The 52 devotional readings within shine a light on all the times readers have loosened their grip on their children and encourages them to continue to let go in life-giving ways. Written by a parenting and education expert, The Joy of Letting Go will comfort and inspire parents in all seasons of parenting.

My Thoughts:
In this great little devotional "The Joy of Letting Go", Vicki has put together readings for 52 days or 52 weeks, which ever you prefer. She writes from real life experiences with her son and she does a great job showing the reader that just because your children are now teens, you don't give up on them. Actually, being teenagers, this is the time more than ever to instill and invest time with them. I loved her transparency about mistakes, her practical examples, parenting tips, and the "thought poke" at the end of each devotional. This devotional is small and get fit into your purse, which makes it great for on the on the go mom! You'll love the inspirational quotes too! I give this book 4/5 stars. Thank you to the publishers for providing a complimentary copy. A favorable review was not required. This would be a great Mother's Day gift!
Do you have a tween or teen at home? Maybe you know a friend who could use some encouragement. What is your favorite teen story? 

Vicki Caruana


Dr. Vicki Caruana is the author of 20 books and the blog Apples & Chalkdust—named after her bestselling book that has touched the lives of a million educators around the world. Caruana is one of four parenting experts on “Starting Points,” Focus on the Family’s parenting DVD series. Formerly a public school teacher and a homeschooling mom, Vicki is now an assistant professor of education at Mount Saint Mary College in New York. She lives with her station wagon loving husband, Chip, in Newburgh, New York and has two grown sons in Colorado Springs.
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Think Again: Relief from the Burden of Introspection by Jared Mellinger


Think Again: Relief from the Burden of Introspection (New Growth Press, April 2017)
Evaluating yourself—being mindful of who you are and what you are doing—is necessary and can lead to positive change.
But what about the dark side of introspection? Do you ever feel weighed down and exhausted by your own self-analysis? Perhaps you made a mistake, said a careless word, or even messed up big time. Your self-examination spirals into a full-blown cross-examination. You keep revisiting what happened. Your mind circles around the event, fruitlessly trying to somehow make the outcome different so you don’t feel the embarrassment, shame, and regret.
The modern self-esteem movement has left us empty and self-focused. We exhaust our healthy introspection and pervert it into constant self-evaluation, wrong views of ourselves, self-accusation, and false guilt. Introspection was never meant to bear such weight.
Think Again offers real relief from the burden of introspection that so many of us carry each day. Pastor Jared Mellinger, who tends to overdose on self-analysis himself, shows us how the hope of the gospel can rescue us from the bad fruit of unsound introspection. Mellinger’s short, story-filled chapters help readers identify and turn away from unhealthy introspection.
There is an outward-focused God who delights to rescue an inward-focused people and lead them into a better way to live. When we truly understand it, we’ll see that the gospel actually sets us free from thinking about ourselves too much. We can seek after and pray for the peace and joy—the sanity—that comes from thinking about ourselves less often. Think Again includes practical instructions for self-examination, fighting false guilt, breaking free from hyper-introspection, and more. Ultimately, Think Again demonstrates that the solution to thinking too much about ourselves is to look to Christ, and it gives readers the tools to begin to turn from the mirror.

My Thoughts:
In a culture where we are constantly consumed with self, our personal needs and trying to continue to climb the latter, Jared takes a look at introspection, but not so much as looking at ourself to move us forward, but with the idea in mind that we need to be completely and overwhelmed with being in love with Christ. It is with that idea in mind, that we find our identity, rather than being self-absorbed, and it helps us to truly engage in what it means to follow Christ. It allows us to be people who take every thought captive unto Christ, and this book is just full of Biblical insight. Overall, I found this book to be encouraging, creative, resourceful and filled with depth. It is one that I will keep as a resource and will recommend it to those in my profession as well as to church leaders.  I give this book 4.5/5 stars. Thank you to the publisher for providing me a copy. A favorable review was not required.
About the Author:
Jared Mellinger


Jared Mellinger joined the Covenant Fellowship Church pastoral team in 2006, upon graduating from Pastors College of Sovereign Grace Churches. He became senior pastor in 2008. Jared graduated from Kutztown University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education. He enjoys reading, rollerblading, poetry, drinking coffee, building fires, and listening to Josh Garrels. Jared is the author of Think Again: Relief from the Burden of Introspection. He resides in Glen Mills, PA with his wife Meghan and their six children.

Friday, April 21, 2017

How to Overcome Worry: Experiencing the Peace of God in Every Situation by Winfred Dr. Neely

How to Overcome Worry: Experiencing the Peace of God in Every Situation

How to Overcome Worry presents a biblical and practical strategy for this exact problem. Dr. Winfred Neely, who has experienced his fair share of anxiety-inducing circumstances, walks you through Philippians 4:6–7 to help you:

Understand the difference between concern and worry.

Use prayer as a means of grace to overcome worry

Cultivate gratitude and thanksgiving as an antidote to worry
Navigate changing seasons and circumstances without falling into worry
Employ practical strategies for experiencing the peace of God
Worry is one of the top issues in our world today, even among Christians, and this concise and biblical approach will offer real solutions. In His Word, God tells us to stop worrying, pray about everything, and expect His peace. This is a true promise of Scripture, and this book will help you to lay hold of it.

My Thoughts:
In 112 pages, this little book takes a biblical perspective on how to deal and overcome with anxious thoughts. We all worry from time to time, but how we deal with those thoughts have the ability to create strongholds in our life or they can just be thoughts that we immediately turn over to God. It is all about how we handle it. This little book is the perfect resource to have on hand as a counselor or someone who may do ministry appointments, especially those who work in a church. I found this to be a great tool. Additionally, if you struggle with worrying, this is also a great look book full of truth nuggets from the Bible that will help you with every day situations. This book will move you from a place of fear to a place of peace! Pick up your copy today, especially if you are worry. I give this book 4.5/ 5 stars. Thank you to the publishers for providing me a copy for my honest review.  

To pick up your copy, head here! You'll love this little book! Perfect to throw in your purse or in your laptop bag for work! 

About the Author:
WINFRED NEELY (B.A., D.Min. Trinity International University; M.A. Wheaton) is currently working towards an advanced research degree in Old Testament at the University of Bristol, England. He is an ordained minister of the Gospel and a full time professor of hermeneutics, homiletics, and pastoral studies at Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Prior to joining the faculty at Moody, Winfred served churches in the City of Chicago and is currently interim pastor of the Judson Baptist Church in Oak Park, IL. He brings to his ministry a global perspective, having served as a missionary/pastor in Senegal, West Africa for nine years. He is also involved in a global equipping ministry, speaking and conducting workshops and training events at churches and conferences in the US and abroad. He and his wife Stephne have been married for forty years and have four adult children and nine grandchildren. He takes acting classes from time to time and is an ardent fan of science fiction films such as Star Wars and Star Trek.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Upon a Spring Breeze (Every Amish Season #1) by Kelly Irvin

Upon a Spring Breeze (Every Amish Season #1)

My Thoughts:
I give "Upon A Spring Breeze" very high praise! Bee did not have an easy road, especially after losing her husband, Caleb. However, the life of following God isn't always easy, but following God gives Him the glory. Throughout the book, I could identify with Bee and she felt real to me. I was in awe of how Ms. Irvin did a fantastic job of making her come to life for me. This book was one that I did not expect and I look forward to many more. In the end I was rooting for Aiden and although I wasn't sure at first, I could see how God had his hand in the situation, like He does with All things! You will truly enjoy this book. If you have never read an amish book, that is okay because you will love this book. It is a calm, peaceful and yet masterpiece of a story. The characters are gems and they will invite you into a story that you did not see coming. I give this book 5/5 star. Thank you to the publisher for providing me a copy. A favorable review was not required. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. 

About the Author:
Kelly Irvin's newest series, Every Amish Series, begins with the debut of Upon a Spring Breeze, in April. It is a four-book series published by Zondervan/HarperCollins Christian Publishing. This followest the Amish of Bee County series, The Saddle Maker's Son, released in June 2016. It is an ECPA bestseller. It follows The Bishop's Son, and the critically acclaimed bestseller, The Beekeeper's Son, which earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly. The reviewer called it "a beautifully woven masterpiece." The Beekeeper's Son was a finalist in the romance category of the 2016 ACFW Carol Awards Contest. 

Kelly has novellas in The Amish Christmas Gift and The Amish Marketplace, both of which were also ECPA bestsellers. She is also the author of the Bliss Creek Amish series and the New Amish Amish series. The first series includes To Love and To Cherish, A Heart Made New, and Love’s Journey Home, published by Harvest House. The New Hope Amish series includes Love Still Stands, followed by Love Redeemed, which was an ACFW Carol Award finalist, and A Plain Love Song.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pinot, Pasta, and Parties by Dee Dee Sorvino, Paul Sorvino

                                      Pinot, Pasta, and Parties

Goodfellas star Paul Sorvino and Emmy-award winner Dee Dee Sorvino create delicious, authentic Italian recipes in this entertaining cookbook

Dee Dee and Paul Sorvino do their best to make everyday a party. They celebrate life and being with each other in big and small ways as often as they can. They believe that the best way to celebrate or to solve the problems of the world is with a nice glass of wine and bountiful meal. No subject is taboo at their lively dinner table-especially when cocktails are served!

Providing a glimpse into their bi-coastal life and tales of Paul's acting career, this authentic Italian cookbook offers 80 recipes with menus for relaxed entertaining. From a Goodfellas' feast to a picnic with an Italian accent, from an abundant buffet to elevated Italian street fair food, the Sorvinos know how to turn out meals that are as delicious as they are fun. Their easy-to-prepare, mouthwatering recipes range from regional Italian classics to new takes on traditional food. Stuffed clams oreganata, unique bruschetta combinations, pasta e faigioli, pizza salumeria, farfalle with asparagus and pancetta, Pauls' famous meatballs and spaghetti sauce, chicken scarpiello, panzanella, grilled figs with honey and walnuts are just a few of the outstanding recipes found in Pinot, Pasta, and Parties The food is so good at the Sorvinos' that theirs is the place of choice for casual get-togethers wherever they are.

My Thoughts:

This cookbook is absolutely gorgeous! Immediately the pictures grabbed my attention and then I started reading the ingredients. I felt that this cookbook was way out of my league, but I preserved on and continued to read. I found that their are many recipes in this cookbook that I could actually cook, but a majority would require a lot of ingredients that I don't carry in the cupboard on a regular basis. This book will instantly make you feel 10 pounds heavier because of the deliciousness, especially when you get to different desserts. I found that I could see many of friends who are chefs would love this book, especially since they love authentic Italian recipes. This book is filled with recipes that are mouth watering and I CANNOT wait to make their marinara sauce! It sounds exquisite! If you love to cook or know someone who does, this book is for you! You won't be disappointed. The pictures are gorgeous. The recipes offer step by step ingredients and you are sure to have a full and satisfied stomach afterwards! Thank you to the generous publishers at Center Street for providing me a complimentary copy for my honest review. A favorable review was not required. I give this book 5/5 stars and the opinions expressed here are my own. 

Purchase your copy here! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stay the Path: Navigating the Challenges and Wonder of Life, Love, and Leadership by Bobbie Houston

Stay the Path: Navigating the Challenges and Wonder of Life, Love, and Leadership by Bobbie Houston

God calls all women to some level of leadership. Yet seeing yourself as a leader, discerning what one is meant to do, and navigating one's role as a woman and leader can be a challenging task. Drawing on the wisdom of 40 years of ministry, Bobbie Houston helps all women to discover their specific purpose and divine calling in STAY THE PATH. She shares the truths and experiences that have kept her and her husband, Brian Houston, on course, on point, and focused on the path before them. Readers will be able to recognize and believe in their unique gifts. Packed with personal stories, helpful advice, and leadership strategies for women, this book will challenge readers to claim their God-given potential and lead with confidence, poise, and grace.

My Thoughts:

Bobby Houston brings leadership and sends a powerful message in "Stay the Path", which is ground in scripture. I find this book to be for the ordinary woman seeking to bring her passions to light. I love how authentic Bobby is in bringing her own journey in this book, which makes her so relatable and tells the reader that she is not alone either. Leaders can start out strong, but few will continue for years to come, Bobbie continues to show what strong dedicated leadership looks like and she continues to endure the race. I love how her life is lived out through this book and it extremely challenging to read, watch, but also encouraging at the same time. I could just gush about this book. The second half of this book was my favorite, but overall, this book was just wonderful from beginning to end! I especially loved chapter seven where she talks about how wisdom is costly. I whole heartily agree with that statement. So much pain and trials people have had to go through, especially pastors have had to go through in order to gain wisdom. I just love the perceptive of this entire book! It has so so many great truths about leadership in general! You just have to grab a copy! I give this book 5/5 stars. This is a book that will stay on my shelf. Thank you to the publishers for providing me a complimentary copy for review purposes only. 

To Purchase a copy, click this! 

To Find out more about Bobbie Houston, head here! 

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The Mouth-Body Connection: The 28-Day Program to Create a Healthy Mouth, Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Disease Throughout the Body by Gerald P. Curatola, Diane Reverand

The Mouth-Body Connection: The 28-Day Program to Create a Healthy Mouth, Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Disease Throughout the Body

The Mouth-Body Connection educates the reader on the natural ecology of the mouth. The oral microbiome consists of communities of 20 billion microorganisms of more than six hundred types-keeping these communities balanced is the key to well-being. 

Dr. Curatola's program, thirty years in the making, helps to restore microbiome balance and reduce health-destroying inflammation. The Curatola Care Program fosters a healthy oral microbiome by means of diet, supplements, exercise, and stress reduction. Four weeks of meal plans and fifty delicious recipes will convince you that eating for balance can be a treat. There are supplement schedules for each stage, two high-intensity band workouts that take only 15 minutes twice a week, relaxation techniques, and yoga postures to fight inflammation.

In just four weeks, you will reboot your body and begin to take control of your health. Best of all, your brilliant smile will prove that you have never felt better.

My Thoughts:
This book was so fascinating to me. I had never even considered the idea that you would be able to understand the health of an individual by looking into their mouth, gums and tongue. What do you think about that? Do you believe it? According to Dr. Curatola, that the health of your mouth may indicate things like stress, HIV, Leukemia, Liver Disease, Crohns, Diabetes and so much more. Your mouth is one of the first indicators before anywhere else. Fascinating eh? 
In this book, "The Mouth- Body Connection," Dr. Curatola lays out a 4 week plan of meals, recipes and talks about stress reduction to help you restore balance back into your system. The whole premise of this book is that as consumers of food, we need to watch how our bodies react to certain foods. We need to eliminate stress, exercise and take in supplements that are body may not be getting, but the right kind of supplements. Personally, I loved the meal plan and found it very helpful as I would have no idea where to get started. This book was very user friendly and practical. I found great value to this book in my personal health and I think as Americans we do not often stop to think about what we are putting in our mouth. I love the education behind this book. I want to re-read more and try more of the recipes behind this to follow the 4 week plan completely. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who take prescription medication and are looking to reset to their health. Thank you the publishers for providing me a complimentary copy for review purposes. A positive review was not required. I give this book 5/5 stars. 

To purchase your copy, head here!!

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Champion - Victory Begins in the Heart Movie Review

Champion - Victory Begins in the Heart 

Dirt track racing churns up drama in the new faith-based film CHAMPION, releasing theatrically May 19, 2017. Following a tragic on-track accident that rips apart his family, race car driver Sean Weathers is left vulnerable, seeking comfort from the last person on earth who should help him. CHAMPION explores topics of forgiveness, fatherhood, foster parenting and the power of second chances. 

My Thoughts:

Woah! This is a movie you don't want to miss. My first impression was that the beginning moved a little slow, but as I realized, the makers behind the film were developing the characters very early on for the viewer. Heavy character development begins at the beginning, so if you're wondering where the action is within the first 10 minutes, stay with the movie because it suddenly takes a turn that you did not see coming. This movie makes you believe that forgiveness in any circumstance is possible. It shows you the goodness of God and I think this movie is for anyone who has ever struggled with a relationship that did not know how it was going to heal. The main character Sean, made a bad decision and continued to do so, but in the end God writes his story and it was beautiful, but he had to fight to get there. The story on the track is where it started, but God showed him with a man who was completely broken, a little girl who needed him and a whole lot of forgiveness, anything is possible. This movie will come to Theaters May 19, 2017 and I had the opportunity to pre-screen it. I give this film 5/5 stars. It is a christian film that your entire family can watch. I will say that their is a part of the movie where a child does have to go into a foster home and also a part of the film where their is a minor drinking scene, so if you do not want to expose your children to that, please advise. Neither of these scenes were distasteful or out of hand, but if your children are very young and you are not ready to have those conversations, then you might want to screen the movie first before bring them to the theater.

To learn more about the film, head here!  Go to the theaters May 19, where this movie releases! You won't want to miss it! You'll be in tears, you'll be rooting for the characters and their are twists and turns you will not expect! A great film all around! 

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Chapel Car Bride by Judith McCoy Miller

 The Chapel Car Bride by Judith McCoy Miller

Hope Irvine always sees the best in people. While traveling on the rails with her missionary father, she attracts the attention of a miner named Luke and a young mine manager. When Luke begins to suspect the manager is using Hope's missions of mercy as a cover for illegal activities, can he discover the truth without putting her in danger?

My Thoughts:
“Chapel Car Bride” is one of my new favorite novels. This book is full of history and the author did a wonderful job with this historical romance novel that I could not put down. From start to finish, I couldn't put it down! Pastor Irvine and his daughter, Hope travel along the railroads visiting towns. As they do, they minister, offering church in the chapel car. This opportunity has afforded Hope to spend time with father and minister to children where churches haven't been built yet in many small towns. The time period and setting of the story reminded me of When Calls the Heart for you Hearties fans out there. The setting and character of Hope reminded me of Elizabeth Thatcher, which was lovely, especially since I LOVE that show! Hope ended up in a mining town called, Finch where residents struggle to meet their needs. However their is tension between the mining company and those who live in the mining cabins. Not to mention Kirby who owes a lot of debt for a bad habit. Prices continue to rise and will these minors be able to survive in order to feed their families? Will Hope be able to bring some support to this community? Will a romance burst forth as she settles into this community? The only way to know is to grab this book! I recieved the Chapel Card Bride by Judith Miller compliments of the publisher. This was an awesome book and I loved it. I give this book 5/5 stars. I love the historical context and the story line. I look forward to future novels by Judith Miller. 

About the Author:
Judith McCoy Miller is an award-winning author whose avid research and love for history are reflected in her bestselling novels. Judy and her husband make their home in Topeka, Kansas.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Loveable: Embracing What Is Truest About You, So You Can Truly Embrace Your Life by Kelly Flanagan

Loveable: Embracing What Is Truest About You, So You Can Truly Embrace Your Life

About the Author:
Kelly graduated with his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Penn State University and is co-founder of Artisan Clinical Associates in Naperville, IL. Several years ago, he discovered writing was the thing he never knew he always wanted to do, so he began the now popular blog, UnTangled, where he writes weekly about how to live redemptive stories right now. Kelly is married to another clinical psychologist named Kelly, because they decided to make life even more complicated than it already is. The Kellies—as they are called by friends and family—have three children, and they have a deal with their kids: they teach the kids how to grow up, and the kids teach them how to grow young again. So far, it’s not clear who is helping who the most.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Fragile Hope by Cynthia Ruchti+ Give Away

A Fragile Hope by Cynthia Ruchti
Hope grows when seeds are planted—even in the muddy middle of life.
Josiah Chamberlain’s life’s work revolves around repairing other people’s marriages. When his own is threatened by his wife’s unexplained distance, and then threatened further when she’s unexpectedly plunged into an unending fog, Josiah finds his expertise, quick wit and clever quips are no match for a relationship that is clearly broken.
Feeling betrayed, confused, and ill-equipped for a crisis this crippling, he reexamines everything he knows about the fragility of hope and the strength of his faith and love. Love seems to have failed him. Will what’s left of his faith fail him, too? Or will it be the one thing that holds him together and sears through the impenetrable wall that separates them?

My Thoughts:
Wow! This book is full of wisdom that the reader can take away. The main character is very self-absorbed, but in a day and culture where a lot of us are, this book helps the reader take a look at one's self, to confront our own issues. This book is one where the reader walks away feeling like they can't believe they read something so powerful, yet wondering if they have had or struggled with some of the same issues as the characters. It's powerful and yet it brings you to believe that we are one step away from a choice that could change our lives. It offers hope, forgiveness, redemption and a new story. I LOVED this book! I read this book in one sitting and could not put it down! The pages were flying through my hands. I wanted to know what would happen next. I give this book 5/5 stars. A favorable review was not required and all opinions expressed here are my own. Run out and purchase this book today!! 
About the Author:
Cynthia RuchtiCynthia Ruchti tells stories hemmed in hope. She’s the award-winning author of 17 books and a frequent speaker for women’s ministry events. She serves as the Professional Relations Liaison for American Christian Fiction Writers, where she helps retailers, libraries, and book clubs connect with the authors and books they love. She lives with her husband in Central Wisconsin.


When your life’s work revolves around repairing other people’s marriages, what happens when your own marriage begins to fall apart? Find out what happens to Josiah Chamberlain in Cynthia Ruchti’s new book, A Fragile Hope. Feeling betrayed, confused, and ill-equipped for a crisis this crippling, he reexamines everything he knows about the fragility of hope and the strength of his faith and love. Love seems to have failed him. Will what’s left of his faith fail him, too? Or will it be the one thing that holds him together and sears through the impenetrable wall that separates them?
Celebrate the release of A Fragile Hope by entering to win Cynthia’s Sign of Hope Giveaway!
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The Beloved Hope Chest (Amish Heirloom #4) by Amy Clipston

 The Beloved Hope Chest (Amish Heirloom #4) by Amy Clipston 


In the final installment of the Amish Heirloom series, the Fisher sisters learn the mystery behind their parents’ marriage—and about the sibling who has never been spoken of.

Mattie Fisher’s three daughters know that she’s been keeping a secret from them. With each item pulled from the beloved family hope chest, they’ve discovered a new clue about their mother’s past.

But there’s a reason Mattie has been keeping her history hidden, and she’s not sure she’s ready to reopen old wounds. Will dredging up the past change the way her children view her? Or her marriage to their father? And can she handle the pain of revisiting the memories that preceded the last few happy decades?

Mattie’s story is one of grief and learning to love again. But like the best things preserved in a hope chest, it's a story of love and redemption born out of heartache—and it's past time to share it.

My Thoughts:
If you have never read any of the books from the Heirloom series, you are seriously missing out. If you are an avid amish reader, this series is for you! If you have never read an amish book in your life, don't worry, this series and book still is for YOU! The Beloved Hope Chest is by far my favorite book to date that Ms. Clipston has written. Imagine your married to one man for the rest of your life when an accident takes him and your world is turned upside down. Then, you not only lose him, but something else so precious and dear to you. This is a story of grief, faith, love, forgiveness and redemption. It is a story where we see how God is working even when we do not always see the full story or what He is doing, but we know He has a good plan. This book will make you laugh, cry and you'll be rooting for Leroy! Although this is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend reading the entire series, you won't regret it. This book has me still thinking on certain days as I am so deeply connected with the character of Mattie. Thank you to author for providing me an ARC copy. A positive review was not required. I give this book 5/5 stars. The opinions expressed here are my own.

To pre-order a copy, head here!  Make sure you order your copy today! You don't want to miss this final book in the series!! 

About the Author:

If you would like to learn more about Amy, please visit her website. She is a very talented  author that has expanded her writing beyond this beautiful memoir, but is now know for writing two wonderful Amish series including the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series and the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Series. She has written several novella's and has just recently released her newest title a Cherished Quilt. 

To connect with Amy, please visit her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Monday, April 10, 2017

Chasing Famous: Living the Life You've Always Auditioned for by Lisa Lloyd + Giveaway

Chasing Famous
Chasing Famous (New Hope, April 2017)
Have you ever considered your life as an audition? 
Regardless of who or where we are, we are constantly, often unconsciously, auditioning for a part. Loving wife. Amazing employee. Crafting queen. Socialite. All we really want is to be loved, affirmed, and accepted. What if we could learn to live the life we have always been auditioning for without all the stress?
Chasing Famous is a redemptive book that teaches us how to take the focus off ourselves and shift it back on to the glory of God. Written by a professional actress who readily admits that she is the most self-centered person she knows, Chasing Famous provides practical and sometimes humorous examples of scriptural truth that will help you master the natural self-centered tendencies of life. Once you’ve mastered these issues, and you can, your story will turn the spotlight on God where, you’ll soon discover, what it means to truly live.
My Thoughts:
How do we make God famous? Who makes him famous after all? A question I've never really thought about and one that this author brings up. The answer lies within the question. Can we really make God famous? I think this answer lies within the person seeking to find out who they are, what brings him fame and how the world of theater attempts to make an individual fame, when we can bring glory to God. This book is beautiful in the way that it weaves  the theater world into the world of failure, truth, talent and fame. Ultimately, the author makes it clear, that in order to make His name great, we must trust Him and Him alone. The only way to find real purpose in life, is through Him and we must trust Him for everything. This book was a good read and I felt that I connected with the author. Overall, I give this book a 5/5 stars rating. A postiive review not required. Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy. 

About the Author 

Lisa LloydLisa is a speaker, emcee, actor, and writer. Since receiving her bachelor of fine arts in theater from Southern Methodist University, Lisa has been featured in many major performance mediums. Her television credits include What Would You Do?, Prison Break, The Young and the Restless, and The Bold and the Beautiful. You may see her on television commercials, highway billboards, or TV screens at the local airport. She has performed with many theaters, including the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Montana Shakespeare, the Dallas Theater Center, and Casa MaƱana Theater. She is a highly sought-after speaker at women s retreats, conferences, and events across the country. She and her husband Markus live in McKinney, Texas, and have two boys

Did you know you’re constantly, often unconsciously, auditioning for a part? Learn how to master these issues and turn the spotlight on God with the help of Lisa Lloyd’s new book, Chasing Famous. Chasing Famous is a redemptive book that teaches us how to take the focus off ourselves and shift it back on to the glory of God. Written by a professional actress who readily admits that she is the most self-centered person she knows, Chasing Famous provides practical and sometimes humorous examples of scriptural truth that will help you master the natural self-centered tendencies of life.
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