Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Zip It The Keep It Shut 40-Day Challenge

The Keep It Shut 40-Day Challenge

By Karen Ehman 
Published by Zondervan

Zip It empowers readers to put into action the advice and commands of Scripture concerning the tongue. The New York Times bestselling book Keep It Shut covered many topics, including anger, truth-telling, people-pleasing, our digital tongues online, and gossip. Because there are more than 3,500 verses in the Bible that relate to our words and our silence, Keep It Shut only scratched the surface of these issues. Karen Ehman now takes a deeper look and offers practical how-to’s that will inspire you use your words to build, to bless, to encourage, and to praise.
Each of the forty interactive entries includes a Scripture verse focus for the day, a story or teaching point, and reflection questions with space for readers to write their answers and thoughts. Each entry ends with both a challenge that will help you carry out the directive in the verse and a prayer prompt. Rather than a traditional devotional,the entries in Zip It build upon each other, equipping you with new habits in how to, or not to, use words.
My Thoughts: 
I had the opportunity to read "Zip It" by Karen Ehman and I loved the book. The devotional is so awesome and I've been reading it in preparation for Lent. I really want to be in a season where my heart and words are carefully thoughtful and into submission before the Lord. This book came at the perfect time as I have unpacked this devotional each day. I love this devotional. If you are looking to speak life into your situation or thing, I recommend picking up this book. I give it 5/5 stars and was not compensated for a positive review. Thank you to the folks at Zondervan for providing me a copy of this book. 

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