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Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose in Your Twenties by Paul Sohn

 Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose in Your Twenties by Paul Sohn

A young leadership expert guides fellow Christian Millennials on their quest to live and work meaningfully.
Even though he seemed to have achieved it all, including landing his dream job at a Fortune 500 company, throughout his twenties Paul Sohn struggled with feelings of inadequacy, emptiness, and disillusionment. Something was very wrong. Finally at twenty-eight, after much contemplation and a life-changing encounter with his mentor, Paul traded in his high-paying job and sought a more meaningful life. Now, having achieved a sense of happiness and fulfillment like never before, and after examining all that he has learned along the way, Paul wants to help young adults avoid the pitfalls he succumbed to, including madly chasing empty financial success. His goal is to help others pursue their God-given purpose, and in QUARTER-LIFE CALLING, he shares enlightening biblical insights and practical ways to make it happen

My Thoughts:
Calling all Millennials, those who are younger and those who are older, are still trying to figure out what "you're going to be when you grow up?" Stop looking! In Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose in Your Twenties by Paul Sohn he talks about how during your twenties, that is when you will experience the crisis to find your sweet spot or calling as you try to climb the ladder in your career, but success isn't climbing the ladder. Do you want to know how've you really made success in life? Through having a relationship with Christ. It seems too simple right? It is that simple, but in our culture, that can be so hard and often we can lose that in translation with what the world defines as success. This book is so encouraging and I love how Paul reminds the reader to live for an audience of one. How many times are we living for an audience of everyone else? In the end we all have to give an account for the days of our life, not for anyone else, just for one, so let's make sure it's for an audience of one, not for everyone else. I also love all the reflection and questions in the back of this book. I don't think this book is just for the twenty something, I think this book is for any age. I think this book has great reminders no matter your age and I think in this culture, we can learn something from those who are younger and those who are older. I encourage you to pick up a copy and also to give this to those who may be at your church who are in their twenties trying to figure out what they are doing with their life. They might thank you later. I give this book 5/5 stars because I think this author is right on point! A favorable review was not required and I was given a copy by Faith Words.  

This book releases on April 4, 2017. Pre-order your copy today here!

About the Author:

Paul Sohn is the founder of QARA, an organization that empowers twenty-somethings to discover their God-given identity and calling. He is an award-winning blogger, leadership coach, and speaker. His blog has been ranked one of the Top 50 Leadership Blogs to Follow. Christianity Today has named Paul among the Top 33 Under 33 Christian Millennials to watch.

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