Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Unquiet Ghosts by Glenn Meade

Unquiet Ghosts by Glenn Meade:

Eight years ago, her husband and children were killed in a plane crash. Now, new evidence reveals that they didn’t die—her husband deliberately vanished—and that he knows a secret the powerful forces will stop at nothing to keep hidden.
Kathy Kelly’s world was shattered when a plane carrying her husband—an Iraq War veteran and devoted father—and her two children vanished from the sky one night. No trace of the plane was ever found.
Eight years later, Kathy has struggled to rebuild her life, but then wreckage of his plane is found in the wilderness of Great Smoky Mountain National Park—hundreds of miles from where her husband’s plane should have been. The pilot perished in the crash, but there is no sign of Jack or the children. Could they have made it out alive after all? But if so, where have they been all this time? Where are they now?
As Kathy searches for any clue about what happened to her family, the investigation uncovers some unsettling clues—including a briefcase containing millions of dollars in cash, a priceless mask stolen from an Iraqi museum, and a clue that links Jack’s disappearance with the suspicious death of Kathy’s mother years ago.
But she soon learns that others have been looking for the wreckage and its occupants for a long time. Others who are determined to make sure she never finds her family and that they remain dead. Shadowy, powerful people who will kill for what was on board—a secret her husband was the keeper of. A secret so powerful it will open a Pandora’s box of bloody revenge—one that reaches back into the past and into the highest echelons of wealth and power, all the way to the White House.
This breathless, pulse-pounding thriller examines the very real billions in cash and priceless artifacts that vanished into the pockets of powerful American men during the Iraq war, and examines the extreme lengths some people will go to protect the secrets of what really happened to all that money.
My Thoughts:
Unquiet Ghosts is my second read by Glenn Meade and again another moving book that plot twists and turns all over the place. It is a absouteley a suspenseful thriller that has the power of story, which is hard to find in books today. This book is very unique and will have readers on edge the whole way through! I loved the character dynamic and fell in love with the mystery of not only finding Kelly's family, but also the mystery of Jack. This book had a great pace and it kept me up reading because I wanted to know how the story ended. You won't want to miss this beautiful book, so make sure you pre-order a copy !! I give this book 5/5 stars.  I was given an ARC copy by the folks at Howard Publishing and a positive review was not required. 

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I have made a pre-order for this book! I love thrillers. Thanks for recommending it.