Thursday, February 16, 2017

Attend by Laura Davis Werezak


Forty Soul Stretches Toward God

A young Christian writer presents a practical guide for reconnecting with God and practicing the presence of God in our frantically busy world today. 

Our world is full of distractions that do not promote the health of individual souls. What can people do when they feel they have no time or ways to find God? In her new book ATTEND, Laura Davis Werezak reminds readers to encounter God through 40 brief everyday activities that they have been taking for granted, from opening a window to jotting down a dream. Modern life and technology increasingly render these activities obsolete, and readers who struggle to connect with God through "typical" devotions will discover depth in their everyday lives through each beautifully written exercise. Like the wisdom Brother Lawrence provided in his 17th century spiritual classic The Practice of the Presence of God, these daily reminders guide readers to appreciate God in our midst today.

My Thoughts:
I wish someone would have given me the book "Attend" by Laura Davis Werezak five years ago. This book is for anyone who feels distracted or disconnected from God. In this book she writes beautifully how to enter into the relationship that many of us long for with a living God when the world easily entangles us and tries to distract us. I love this little book as each day has made me slow down, refocus and to drown out the noise from this world. As an avid Facebook, Instagram and Twitter user, I have been slowly walking away and only utilizing social media once or twice a day as of a result of this book. It has really given me the ability to do some deep digging with God and to reconnect on things that are important, rather than be engaged in the world around us.
I really enjoyed Part two where Laura talks about rest and Sabbath, which is such a lost art in our culture. I can list the number of stores on my hand that are closed on Sunday. We do not rest on Sunday or just a take a day and Sabbath. We need to be people that rest more and do less.

Overall, I just loved this book! It can be read as a devotional or as a book front to back. It is completely up to the reader. I give this book 5/5 stars and was not required to write a positive review. To purchase a purchase a copy of this book head here!!


Laura Davis Werezak said...

Thank you for this kind review, Sarah! I'm so glad the book was an encouragement to you! Thank you for reading!

Sarah said...

Hi Laura,
Such a lovely book! Thank you so much!! Blessings to you :)