Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An Amish Home- Four Novella's Collection

A Cup Half Full by Beth Wiseman
Enter the home of the newlyweds, Abram and Sarah, where dreams have been shattered by a new reality of life as Sarah was involved in a serious buggy accident, which has resulted in her being confined to a wheelchair. Despite the crash, will their new marriage stand the test and will Abram still love her?  You won't want to miss this novella as you experience all the hurdles, the emotions and the true, honest feelings of suffering that happens in marriage. 

Home Sweet Home By Amy Clipston

Home Sweet Home is a Novella that will have you in tears or at least it will tug at your heart, and you will remember this story long after it is over. An English couple, Mia, and Chace find themselves homeless with their young baby and no place to go. They are desperate and without close family to help them out. This couple learns the true importance of community and family isn't always the people you are related to, but those who may love you anyways. Thankfully, they find a place to live through an Amish couple, but tension rises that causes some shaky ground. Will this cause the couple to fall apart? Will they survive these difficult circumstances?

In A Flicker of Hope by Ruth Reid

In a Flicker of Faith, Thomas and Noreen have been married for a  numbers of years, but their marraige is struggling to survive. Unfortunately, a fire destroys their home and most of their belongings. They discover an uncovered item and begin to wonder slowly can their marriage be saved or is it too late? This novella made me really think about when we are married for such a long time, how we often may forget to do or say the little things that are important for our spouse. This was a great reminder for me about how important marriage is! 

Building Faith by Kathleen Fuller 

Building Faith by Kathleen Fuller is about a young Amish woman, Faith who loves to work in carpentry and enjoys taking on tasks that involve making things, which would be uncommon in her culture. This novella was creative and unique, which made it fun! Of course, their is a twist here, where Faith is put in a situation where she is asked to be with the previous love of her life and also to do the thing that she loves.. So tricky. Will Faith be able to handle it? 

I give each of novella's 5/5 stars. I provided a copy of this book by Amy Clipston, and a positive review was not required. 

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