Monday, October 31, 2016

Falling Free by Shannan Martin

“Shannan’s story feels at once familiar and spectacular, ordinary and exceptional. You will discover that at the same time her words make you squirm, you will wish you lived next door to her. You will want her wisdom and you will want her pickles.” —Jen Hatmaker (from the foreword)
Shannan Martin had the perfect life: a cute farmhouse on six rambling acres, a loving husband, three adorable kids, money, friends, a close-knit church—a safe, happy existence.
But when the bottom dropped out through a series of shocking changes and ordinary inconveniences, the Martins followed God’s call to something radically different: a small house on the other side of the urban tracks, a shoestring income, a challenged public school, and the harshness of a county jail (where her husband is now chaplain). And yet the family’s plunge from “safety” was the best thing that could have happened to them.
Falling Free charts their pilgrimage from the self-focused wisdom of the world to the topsy-turvy life of God’s more being found in less. Martin’s practical, sweetly subversive book invites us to rethink assumptions about faith and the good life, push past insecurity and fear, and look beyond comfortable, middle-class Christianity toward a deeper, richer, and ultimately more fulfilling life.
My Thoughts:
Ya'll this book is just real. I mean seriously! What would we all do if we had this perfect great life or so it seemed, but God called us to leave it for something more perfect, his PERFECT for our life? Then what? That is exactly what Shannan and her family did. This book will wreck you, it will make you realize why you love Jesus and it will help you find to push beyond fascination with Christ into Faith. Step out of your box, grab this book, several hours and sit with Shannan as she unpacks a work that only God could do! I give this book 5/5 stars. Thank you to Thomas Nelson for providing a complimentary copy. I have given my honest review. 

NIV Wonders of Creation Holy Bible

The NIV Wonders of Creation Holy Bible explores the wonders of our created world though detailed black-and-white illustrations—each one ready to be filled with the hues of your imagination. From amazing Eden-esque gardens to the creatures God made, this Bible features over 50 ready-to-color pages alongside the full text of the New International Version (NIV) translation.

My Thoughts:

I have reviewed several different kinds of Bibles this year, so when I had the opportunity to review this NIV Bible, I thought why not? I have another coloring Bible and a journal Bible. I love my journaling Bible. The Wonder of Creating Bible is perfect for girls to read and color as they learn about the Lord. I love that this Bible gives them the opportunity to create, color and be creative in understanding the scriptures in a way that allows them to learn about who God is in a non-traditional way. The Wonders of Creation Bible is the perfect Size can fit into a Backpack, but is hardcover, so is perfect to go to school, church or throw in a bag and it won't get wrecked. I believe this Bible can get some heavy use out of it. I give this Bible 4/5 stars. I did not receive compensation for my review, but was given a copy for an honest review. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Prince Warriors and the Unseen Invasion by Priscilla Shirer

29227875The Prince Warriors and the Unseen Invasion Book #2 


In this second book in The Prince Warriors trilogy, the Prince Warriors face new challenges on earth and in the unseen realm of Ahoratos. The enemy, angry about his last defeat, is targeting them with weapons and tactics they had never imagined, including the flaming Olethron. The kids must turn to Ruwach and the Source, who can give them more pieces of armor to help them stand strong against this deadly threat.

My Thoughts:

The best selling series continues as Priscilla takes children on an epic battle again as she continues the story with brothers Evan and Xavier. Levi, Brianna, Ruwach Manuel and more will join you on the adventure as you continue to learn about battles that are seen and unseen. While this book is perfect for teens and tweens, which will have them turing the pages, it is also great for adults. It really tackles some deep spiritual truths, with Biblical principles that will have adults turning the pages just as fast, growing in their faith as they learn Princess Ivy that when a task is given to her, she has everything needed to complete it, just like adults have everything needed to complete the task set before them. I love how Priscilla embedded so much of God's word in here and it makes this book so wonderful for the young and the old. This book is an adventure. I have read the first book in the series, but you do not have to in order to understand this book. This can be read as a stand alone. There is a third book coming out in this series and I cannot WAIT  to read it!! 

I give this book 5/5 stars and highly recommend you purchasing the whole series! You will not be disappointed as you taking this amazing adventure with the The Prince Warriors and go on Epic battles! 

Thank you to Wynn Wynn Media for providing me a complimentary copy of this book. This is my honest opinion and I did not receive monetary compensation for my opinion.

You can purchase this book here

About the Author:
Priscilla Shirer
Priscilla Shirer is a wife and a mom first.  But put a Bible in her hand and a message in her heart and you’ll see why thousands flock to her conferences and dive into her Bible study series’ each year.
A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Priscilla holds a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies and loves nothing more than to serve her sisters in Christ through the teaching of God’s Word.  She considers it a privilege to serve believers from every denomination and culture by helping them to know the truths of Scripture intellectually and by encouraging them to experience these truths practically by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Priscilla has published numerous books including Discerning the Voice of GodGod is Able, the New York Times Bestseller The Resolution for Women and Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer.
Priscilla has been married to Jerry for 17 years.  Between studying and writing, she spends most of her time cleaning up after (and trying to satisfy the appetites of) their three growing boys – Jackson, Jerry Jr. and Jude

Friday, October 21, 2016

Wake up to the Word by Joyce Meyer

28963760365-day devotional by #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer offers powerful words as catalysts for developing life-changing closeness with God. 
In her uplifting new devotional Joyce Meyer provides you with powerful words--one for every day of the year. Each day's devotion offers a word to focus upon as a catalyst for positive change in your life. These words, along with relevant scripture and practical advice from Joyce, will help you achieve greater closeness with God, which unlocks the great things He has in store for your life.

With daily guided encouragement and prayer, as well as Joyce's structured plan for spending time God, you'll be able to tap into His strength to help you overcome life's obstacles and achieve your best. And the words in this devotional will help put your in the frame of mind to receive that power each day.

My Thoughts:
Wake up 365 days ready to hit the ground with an empowering word from the Bible and a devotional from Joyce that will move get you jumping out of bed! If you think I've got plenty of devotionals, then you haven't met this one! This one will start your morning off right with a cup of coffee or tea as you dive into God's word and ponder questions about faith, thoughts, your relationship with the Lord and help you draw near him. This devotional will help you grow in your faith and is perfect for a gift. Christmas is right around the corner. Maybe you know someone who could use a devotional or maybe you need a new one for the new year, I highly recommend checking out this one! I give this devotional 5/5 stars. I was given this book complimentary and have given my honest review.

Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of the world's leading practical Bible teachers. Her nearly 100 books have helped millions of people find hope and restoration. Bestsellers include Living 
Beyond Your Feelings; Power Thoughts; Battlefield of the Mind; and The Confident Woman.

Joyce Meyer's broadcast Enjoying Everyday Life airs daily on hundreds of television networks and radio stations worldwide. She travels extensively, holding conferences throughout the year, speaking to thousands around the world. Joyce teaches on a number of topics with a particular focus on the mind, mouth, moods and attitudes. Her candid communication style allows her to share openly and practically about her experiences so others can apply what she has learned to their lives.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Babylon Code by Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson

What if God embedded a code in the Bible that could only be cracked in the end times--a prophetic cypher that reveals how the four blood moons and the biblical Shemitah are just signs of the beginning of end-time events?

Unlocking a great mystery that has puzzled scholars for nearly two thousand years, THE BABYLON CODE reveals how powerful forces are now at work to create a global government, cashless society, and universal religion as predicted by the prophets.
The result of a five-year journalistic investigation, THE BABYLON CODE takes readers on a spellbinding journey to explore the link between the world's most secret organizations, the Bible's greatest prophetic riddle, and what world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham describes as a convergence in end-time signs for the first time in history.
This prophetic mystery book pieces together the apocalyptic puzzle--uncovering what may be not only the biggest story and political scandal in modern history, but also the secret to both our survival and our salvation.

My Thoughts:
This book took me a long time to dive into it, understand it and soak it in. It is one of those books that you can't just read from cover to cover in one sitting, one week or one month. It is a book that makes you question, dig into the Bible and lead you to asking more questions than having answers at times. The Authors stayed in my opinion true to the word of God and pointed the reader back to scripture, but also gave a vast amount of information based on historical research collected. The Babylon Code is a book that I loved and have shared with many people because I feel it so relevant to what is happening in the world right now. From Daniel to Revelations, to Genesis you will go everywhere anywhere between in the Bible discovering a bigger story. The biggest question remains. How should we live in the end times such as these? And only you can answer that for yourself! Grab a highlighter, your Bible, pack in your patience and sit in for the ride of your life as you look to understand the end times. I give this book a 5/5 stars. I was not compensated for a positive review, but this is my honest opinion. Thank you to Faith Words for providing me a copy! 

Pick up your copy here! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson

Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson:
Evocative Contemporary Romance Set in a Charming Inn on Beautiful Prince Edward IslandIn her kitchen at the Red Door Inn, executive chef Caden Holt is calm, collected, and competent. But when her boss asks her to show off their beautiful island to impress a visiting travel writer and save the inn, Caden is forced to face a world much bigger than her kitchen--and a man who makes her wish she was beautiful.

Journalist Adam Jacobs is on a forced sabbatical on Prince Edward Island. He's also on assignment to uncover a story. Instead he's falling in love with the island's red shores and Caden's sweets. 

When Caden discovers Adam isn't who she thought he was, she realizes that the article he's writing could do more than ruin the inn's chances for survival--it might also break her heart.

Readers will discover hope for the hurting, joy for the broken, and romance for the lonely at the enchanting Red Door Inn.
My Thoughts:

I loved the Red Door Inn, which was the first book in the Prince Edwards Island Dreams Series, so I was so excited to read Where Two Hearts meet and this book picked right where we left off. I loved this book! You would love the quaint town, the lovely Inn, the food and most of all how Caden has to make sure Adam doesn't destroy the Inn. You won't be able to put this book down as you turn the pages to find a story that will bring you to a new town, with exciting people. I give this book 5/5 stars. I received this book to review and was not required to write a positive review. 

About: By day Liz Johnson is a marketing manager for a Christian publisher. She finds time to write late at night and is a two-time ACFW Carol Award finalist. Liz makes her home in Nashville, TN, where she enjoys theater, exploring local music, and making frequent trips to Arizona to dote on her nieces and nephews. She loves stories of true love with happy endings and blogs about her adventures in writing Here!

Friday, October 14, 2016

She Reads Truth by Raechel Meyers and Amanda Bible Williams

28000161About :
She wants to know what is true—not partly true, or sometimes true, or almost true. She wants to see Truth itself, face-to-face. But here, now, these things are all cloudy. Hope is tinged with hurt. Faith is shaded by doubt. Lesser, broken things masquerade as love.
How does she find something permanent when the world around her is always changing, when not even she can stay the same? And if she finds it, how does she hold on?  
She Reads Truth tells the stories of two women who discovered, through very different lives and circumstances, that only God and His Word remain unchanged as the world around them shifted and slipped away. Infused with biblical application and Scripture, this book is not just about two characters in two stories, but about one Hero and one Story. Every image points to the bigger picture—that God and His Word are true. Not because of anything we do, but because of who He is. Not once, not occasionally, but right now and all the time.
Sometimes it takes everything moving to notice the thing that doesn’t move. Sometimes it takes telling two very different stories to notice how the Truth was exactly the same in both of them.

For anyone searching for a solid foundation to cling to, She Reads Truth is a rich and honest Bible-filled journey to finally find permanent in a world that’s passing away.

My Thoughts:

Who is this she? She is ME! She is YOU! For any woman who has ever wanted to discover Truth and grace, who has ever wondered if this God is real and if the words are real, Raechel Meyers and Amanda Bible Williams crack open the word of God with conviction and authenticity. They take the reader through raw and honest moments in their lives, but the story doesn't even with drama, because it begins and unfolds with Jesus. He held their hand, wrote their story and was with them every step of the way. He is at the single and center of their redemption story and I'm guessing he's the focal point of yours too?

This is a book that you can read over and over again and love. It is one that you can buy as a Christmas gift for folks and give to woman of all ages and backgrounds because one thing remains true, no matter your story, no matter your situation, when Jesus is the focal point he will pull you through! He never changes, he is always the same and while difficult moments are temporary, he is not! I give this book 5/5 stars. You will fly through this book because it is so good! Thank you to the publishers for allowing me to read a copy and give my honest opinion without monetary compensation. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

NKJV Bible

The NKJV Study Bible, Second Edition is the most comprehensive study Bible available! It has the most complete study system for pastors, teachers, or students who desire accurate study in God's Word. Using the trusted New King James Version, The NKJV Study Bible has "the mind of a scholar and the heart of a pastor." Thomas Nelson's skilled team of scholars has produced the study system to reach for when accurate study in God's Word is the goal.
Features include:
More than 15,000 verse-by-verse study notes 150 Bible times and culture notes 114 articles on key Bible doctrines 350 word studies with Strong's numbers "Christ in the Scriptures" feature Topical index Deluxe Nelson concordance Full-color maps.
My Thoughts:
First off, this leather bound Bible is absolutely beautiful! This NKJV has some very awesome tools to make learning and understanding the Bible much easier. First, you can find maps, charts, word studies and outlines of each book of the Bible. It also has footnotes at the bottom of the page for further insight as to what the writer is trying to describe to the reader, which is super helpful. It even includes cross references, which I particularly find helpful and intriguing. I also love how they have sections labeled "Christ in the Scriptures" which is found in the Old Testament. This helps the reader find Christ in the Old Testament, although he was not yet born or mentioned in the way we traditionally expected he would be. It is very insightful to have the "Christ in Scriptures." 
Also, besides all the great aids that come with the study Bible, I love the soft, leather cover and the silver edge pages. This Bible is stunning. This Bible is durable and worth the price of $59.99. It will stand the test of time, which is something you want when purchasing a Bible. I like that you can lay it flat when opening it and the margins have room to make your own notes too! If you are concerned about font, I found the font to be the perfect size. It isn't too small and it isn't too big. It is perfect. I look forward to making this Bible one that I use on a daily basis. 
You can purchase this new edition here, which is found on Amazon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Soul of the Matter by Bruce Buff

28251811A scientist’s claim that he’s found the secrets of the universe's origin encoded in DNA sparks a race against time to uncover the truth in this fast-paced thriller of science and faith, power and murder, loss and redemption.

Dan Lawson, a former government cyber-intelligence analyst, is surprised to be contacted by his estranged friend Stephen Bishop, a renowned geneticist. Stephen says that he’s discovered amazing information within DNA, including evidence of a creator, and needs Dan’s help to protect his findings. Dan is skeptical and wonders whether he is being manipulated, or if the recent illness of Stephen’s only child, Ava, has caused his childhood friend to fall back on religion for answers to questions best left to science. Spurred by his desire for proof that life has meaning, however, Dan puts aside his doubts and agrees to help.

When an experiment goes terribly awry, Dan realizes he must get to the bottom of Stephen's discoveries. With the help of Trish Alighieri, a pediatric oncologist trying to save Ava’s life, Dan desperately searches for answers—including whether the human soul can survive science’s conquest of nature.

My Thoughts:
If you like thrillers, you will enjoy this book! This is one of those books that will have you guessing till the end as you question faith vs science. I love the premise behind this book and how Bruce Buff took the elements of science and mixed it with faith in a fiction way, which is something that many authors aren't willing to write about.  For a first time author, I thought this book was well written and a page turner for those who enjoy thriller books. It was entertaining and the characters were interesting. He was willing to take a risk, and I think it was worth the risk as an author. Don't be afraid to grab this new book and try out a new author. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the science part of this book, but I did enjoy it. He does leave the readers wondering if a follow up book is in store. I give this book 4/5 stars. Thank you to Wynn Wynn Media for providing me a complimentary copy. I did not receive monitory compensation for my review. 

To order your copy, head here!!! 

About the Author:
Bruce Buff graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Business School with finance degrees and has worked as a management consultant and information technology executive. After more years than he’d like to acknowledge, he completed his first novel. In his spare time, he enjoys running, bicycling, and being outdoors, especially on Cape Cod and the Hudson Valley. Bruce and his wife, Claire, are the lucky parents of five children and currently reside in Westchester, New York.

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Devoted by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Fan Favorite Suzanne Woods Fisher Offers Readers Tender Romance, Humor, and Plenty of SurprisesBright, curious, and restless, Ruthie Stoltzfus loves her family but is stuck in a sea of indecision about her future: Should she stay Amish? Or should she leave? She's done all she can to prepare to go--passed the GED, saved her money--but she can't quite set her journey into motion.

Patrick Kelly is a young man on a journey of his own. He's come to Stoney Ridge to convert to the Amish and has given himself thirty days to learn the language, drive a buggy, and adapt to "everything Plain." Time, to Patrick, is of the essence. Every moment is to be cherished, especially the hours he spends with Ruthie, his Penn Dutch tutor.

Ruthie's next-door neighbor and cunning ex-boyfriend, Luke Schrock, is drawn to trouble like a moth to a flame. Rebellious, headstrong, defiant, Luke will do anything to win Ruthie back--anything--and Patrick Kelly is getting in his way.

Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher invites readers back to Stoney Ridge for a story of dreams deferred and hopes fulfilled--complete with Fisher's signature twists that never fail to leave readers delighted.

My Thoughts:
This was my first book in the Bishop Family series and I enjoyed it. Although it was the third book in the series, I felt it could be read as a stand alone, although I would like to read the whole series. If you like Amish books, this reminded me more of a contemporary style than other authors I have read, which isn't a bad thing. It didn't have a glossary for Amish words, which is typical for the kind of Amish books I have read in the past, but it did not disappoint and I enjoyed the lovely characters in Stoney Ridge. I felt it was a story of faith, love and was a great read. I give this book a 4/5 stars. I was given a copy of this book for my honest opinion, which I have given. 

Suzanne Woods Fisher is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than a dozen novels, including The ImposterThe Quieting, and The Inn at Eagle Hill series, as well as nonfiction books about the Amish, including Amish Peace and The Heart of the Amish. She lives in California. Learn more at and follow Suzanne on Twitter @suzannewfisher.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Full Tank Life by Ben Tankard

Modern-day Renaissance man and star of Bravo's Thicker Than Water Ben Tankard offers powerful motivation and practical tools to empower readers to find their destiny and create an action plan to unlock it. As a pastor, pilot, motivational speaker, bestselling Gospel/Jazz musician, and reality TV star, Tankard has a lot of experience with both success and failure. He has learned that our greatest opportunities often come from our greatest disappointments. Today, he is doing what he was born to do, and he knows it didn't happen by accident. Tankard encourages readers to examine seven key elements-Dreams, Environment, Subconscious, Time, Inspiration, Network, and You, sharing his life-tested secrets to help readers find their own way. Including fresh insights on familiar Bible passages, wisdom from Tankard's own setbacks, and laugh-out-loud stories, Tankard shows readers that they too can have a "full tank" life.
My Thoughts:
The Full Tank Life is an inspiring book that has seven key areas to achieve the ultimate destiny: Dreams, Environment, Subconscious, Time, Inspiration Network and You. Ben Tankard not only talks about achieving the ultimate destiny for your life, but he bases his theory and thoughts on the word of God, which many authors do not do today. 

Mr. Tankard is an authentic writer who uses his own experiences and life lessons to help the reader understand how to live a full tank life the way he lives his life and the way God intended for us to live life. He inspires the reader to dream big dreams through vision mapping. Ben challenges the reader to think about their beliefs about the environment meanwhile inspiring the reader to live each day likes it's our last by prioritizing tasks, time and our life. I love how he challenges us to be intentional about our life, the people in it, having mentors that our further beyond us and the expectations we have about life without even realizing it. This book is just powerful and I truly enjoyed it! 

The Full Tank Life is a fantastic book that is practical, inspirational and based on the word of God to help individuals achieve the destiny that God has planned for their lives. It is an easy read, filled with wisdom and I highly recommend it. I give this book 5/5 stars. I was provided a copy from Faith Words and did not receive monetary compensation for my review. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, the Belle of All Things Southern, is serving up down-home southern dishes with a healthy side of laugh-out-loud entertainment in Hungry Is a Mighty Fine Sauce. Featuring dozens of tried-and-true recipes complemented by entertaining stories, your hunger--and your craving for humor--are sure to be satisfied! Uncomplicated, delicious recipes including Bodacious Black Bean Salad and Spicy Sausage and Crawfish Spread (125 recipes, to be exact!) fall into categories including Feeding the Funny Farm, Carnivores Are Us, Holidays in Dixie, and Watching the Curves. Eye-catching photos, guaranteed to make your mouth water, are included throughout. . .sure to be a much-appreciated gift or centerpiece on your very own kitchen countertop.

Pick up your copy here!!

My Thoughts:
Mouth watering, southern deliciousness guarantee, go and grab this awesome cookbook and get in the kitchen to make some fantastic meals that will nourish your family! You don't want to miss this amazing cookbook that will have your family excited about food, but also the chef. The ingredients included in many of the recipes are very simple and are things you already have in your pantry. No need to go to the store to buy expensive ingredients that you don't own! Nope! Not with this cookbook! Just go to the pantry, and you will find mostly everything you need to make some fantastic food! 

This cookbook would be the perfect gift for a birthday or as a Christmas gift. It isn't super large, so it doesn't take a lot of space in your cupboards, but it isn't so small that you can't read the recipe or the funny stories inside.  Shellie is a fantastic story teller. Don't miss the stories in this cookbook! 

Overall, I give this book 5/5 stars. I cannot wait to make some of these amazing dips for football season. Who actually watches the game? Not me! I eat and read! Go grab this book and make some yummy dips with me! 

Thank you to Wynn Wynn Media for providing me a complimentary copy. 

Shellie is the fun-loving energetic storytelling host of ATS LIVE, a radio talk show that airs live every Monday evening on TALK 540 out of Monroe, Louisiana. In addition, her pretaped All Things Southern radio segments air Monday through Friday on 28 affiliates across the south. Shellie is a popular humorist, speaker, and the author of the nonfiction humor titles Suck Your Stomach In and Put Some Color On” and Sue Ellen’s Girl Ain’t Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy!” Both received nominations for SIBA Nonfiction Book of the Year and led Jeff Foxworthy to call her, "Laugh out loud funny!" Kori and Missy Robertson of A&E's Duck Dynasty endorsed Shellie's latest release and debut book in the faith market, Heart Wide Open, saying it will fuel your desire for a deeper relationship with God.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Can't Help Falling by Kara Isaac Review + Giveaway

A funny, heartfelt romance about how an antique shop, a wardrobe, and a mysterious tea cup bring two C.S. Lewis fans together in a snowy and picturesque Oxford, England.

Emelia Mason has spent her career finding the dirt on the rich and famous. But deep down past this fearless tabloid-reporter fa├žade, there’s a nerdy Narnia-obsessed girl who still can’t resist climbing into wardrobes to check for the magical land on the other side. When a story she writes produces tragic results, she flees to Oxford, England—home to C.S. Lewis—to try and make amends for the damage she has caused.

Peter Carlisle was on his way to become one of Great Britain’s best rowers—until he injured his shoulder and lost his chance at glory. He’s determined to fight his way back to the top even if it means risking permanent disability to do so. It’s the only way he can find his way past failing the one person who never stopped believing in his Olympic dream.

When Peter and Emelia cross paths on her first night in Oxford, the attraction is instant and they find common ground in their shared love of Narnia. But can the lessons from a fantasyland be enough to hold them together when secrets of the real world threaten to tear them apart? Cobblestone streets, an aristocratic estate, and an antique shop with curious a wardrobe bring the world of Narnia to life in Kara Isaac’s inspiring and romantic story about second chances.

My Thoughts:

Author, Kara Isaac does it again by writing a second novel that is top notch unique, magical and lovely. If you have read Close To You, you know that Kara writes books that are unique that wrap the reader into the book right away, well "Can't Help Falling" is no different! 

Enter the world of a wardrobe, and antique shop, while you're holding a yummy cup of tea. You might even find yourself in England with a gal named Emelia and handsome man named Peter. While hiding the wardrobe, you might meet Peter and fall in love, or you might realize that Emelia's secrets will stop that dead in its tracks.  Either way, you will feel like you have entered the scenes of Narnia with a story filled with romance, friendship, and hardship of life, but don't worry you'll turn the pages so fast you'll get to see how it all ends.  

If you like a book that has detailed characters, rich family history, faith, romance and some intermingling of characters from a previous book, Can't help Falling has it all. And if this isn't enough to get you interested in this book, then I will give you one more thing that I loved about this book. Not all the characters are followers of Christ, which throws the plot and twists a bit more, which makes this book even better.
This is a fantastic book, and I can't wait for you to read it! Make sure you pick up a copy of this amazing, page turner, romance and faith-filled book. I give this book 5/5 stars! 

And Finally, since I loved this book so much, I am giving an ARC copy away thanks to Howard Publishers! Leave your name and email address. I will be drawing a winner through by October 16, 2016. 

Good luck! 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Think Better, Live Better by Joel Osteen

28963582Bestselling author Joel Osteen shares how reprogramming your thoughts to remove negativity will lead to a more blessed, fulfilled life. 
Your mind has incredible power over your success or failure. THINK BETTER LIVE BETTER offers a simple yet life-changing strategy for erasing the thoughts that keep you down and reprogramming your mind with positive thinking to reach a new level of victory. As a child of the Most High God, you are equipped to handle anything that comes your way. To claim your destiny, start thinking about yourself the way God does and delete the thoughts that tear down your confidence. When you train yourself to tune out the negativity and tune into your calling, you'll begin to live the wonderful plans God has made for you.

My Thoughts:
Joel does a good job talking about how are thought life has a huge effect on our life and how if we don't control our thoughts, they have the capacity to destroy our lives. He gives a lot of examples from his life and talks about how to break strong holds in ones thinking patters. 
He also talks about the fact that we need to remove labels that have been put on our life and re-train our brain new patterns of thinking. Overall, I thought this book was good, but it wasn't something new. If you are Joyce Meyer fan and have read Battle Field of the Mind, this book is very similar. I didn't feel that I learned a lot of new content or application, rather Joel re-reinforce my knowledge and understanding. I give this book a 4/5 stars. This is my honest opinion and was not compensated for a positive review. 

Pick up your copy here 

About the Author:

Joel OsteenJOEL OSTEEN is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers. He is the senior pastor of America's largest congregation, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. More than 45,000 people attend services there every week. His televised messages are seen by more than 10 million viewers each week in the United States, and millions more in 100 nations around the world. His 24-hour channel on SiriusXM Satellite Radio and millions of social media followers have prompted numerous publications to name him as one of the most influential Christian leaders in the world. He resides in Houston with his wife, Victoria, and their children. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kissing Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn

Anna's first visit to Carlton Heath in England was last May for the wedding of her cousin Ian to Miranda. The beautiful event ended with a dance under the stars and Anna receiving an unexpected kiss from Peter, the groomsman who caught her eye and now holds her heart.Now, at the invitation of family and friends, Anna is returning to Carlton Heath for Christmas. She has Peter's recent email to fill her with assurance that he's looking forward to seeing her again as well. More than his brief words, though, the vivid memory of their unforgettable kiss provides a promise of more to come. Anna, ever the imaginative artist, has been busy painting a romantic conclusion to her holiday visit. Certainly she's not the only one who has been dreaming of another dance and another kiss.

But when she sees Peter again, his intentions seem to shift as speedily as the blustery winter weather. Is Anna's heart misleading her, or will Father Christmas bestow on her the gift of love for which she has long dreamed?

My Thoughts :
Immerse yourself in a Christmas novel that will have your heart fluttering as Robin Gunn tugs at the heartstrings of readers as you read the story of Anna who 's heart is in love with Big Ben, but also another man. You will find yourself nestled in England with familiar friends and family if you have read Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas, which are previous novels by Robin Jones Gunn. And a kiss from Peter may leave you breathless or may leave you reading to find out if he has a hidden secret that his family has been keeping for years. Either way, this book will warm your heart and will have you turning the pages to find out if Anna gets her Christmas wish of true love? 
Robin is marvelous story teller and engages the reader in a story of faith, love, a cup of tea and a Christmas novel that will charm your heart! Don't Miss "Kissing Father Christmas!" Pick up this book today! I give this book 5/5 stars. 

Thank you to Faith Words for providing me a copy. I have provided my honest review and was not provided monetary compensation for my review. 

Love for Our Vets by Welby O' Brien

Love Our VetsChances are that if your loved one has seen war, he or she has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at some level, and you who love your veteran will also be deeply and profoundly affected.
Finally, the cries and needs of the loved ones have been addressed in this comprehensive, practical book, now newly updated in its second edition!
Love Our Vets answers more than 60 heartfelt questions, providing down-to-earth wisdom and much-needed tips for taking care of yourself. Sharing as a counselor and from her personal experience of living with a 100% disabled veteran with PTSD, Welby O’Brien gives hope, encouragement, and practical help for families and loved ones who are caught in the wake of the trauma. This book addresses a broad spectrum of issues and concerns and offers realistic wisdom from a wide variety of individuals who share from real hearts and lives.
Now newly revised and updated with additional material, the second edition of Love Our Vets continues to be enthusiastically welcomed by VA and other counselors. This is not just another book about PTSD; rather, it is a tremendous resource for families and loved ones who struggle heroically along with their vets to face the day-to-day challenges.
My Thoughts:
I think this book is such a valuable resource for anyone who has ever experienced PTSD for someone who works with those in the military, for a spouse who is serving in the military or a family member who is serving. This book is fantastic! It is practical and provides an immense about of support for those who experience such awful trauma. I love how it answers questions that people may be afraid to ask, while addressing a variety of issues and providing solid information. Overall, I think this book is a tremendous resource. As a social worker, I value this book so much! I give this book 5/5 stars because of the wealth of information and the way it addresses a specific issue in a unique way. Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy. I did not receive monitory compensation for my review. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Everything is Possible by Jen Bricker

26893694Born without Legs, She Inspires Others to Overcome

Jen Bricker was born without legs. Shocked and uncertain they could care for her, her biological parents gave her up for adoption. In her loving adoptive home, there was just one simple rule: "Never say 'can't.'" And pretty soon, there was nothing this small but mighty powerhouse set her sights on that she couldn't conquer: roller-skating, volleyball, power tumbling, and spinning from silk ribbons thirty feet in the air. 
Everything Is Possible is her incredible story--a story of God working out his plan for her life from before day one. Readers follow Jen from the challenges of growing up different to holding captive audiences numbering in the tens of thousands. Everything Is Possible shows readers what they can accomplish when they remove the words coincidence and limitation from their vocabulary. Filled with heart and spirit, as well as Jen's wit, wisdom, and no-holds-barred honesty, this inspiring true story points the way to purpose and joy. Foreword by Nick Vujicic.

My Thoughts:

This is an inspiring read that is powerful and will have you going after your dreams. Jen is completely fearless and she does not let anything stop her. Her attitude is one that we can all follow and live by to achieve our dreams and purpose too! I found this book to be entertaining and "can't" was not a word in her vocabulary, which I found to be quite true of my own life. Overall, I just loved this book and think you will too! Born without legs you might think it would stop her, but it hasn't. The question is , what are the things in your life that are stopping you from fulfilling your dreams? 

This book is awesome and you should pick up a copy! I give this book a 5/5 stars. Thank you to Baker Books from providing me a complementary copy for review purposes only. I was not compensated for a positive review. 

A Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury Giveaway

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes A Baxter Family Christmas, the first in a new series, combining the charm and holiday ambiance of The Bridge with the familiar members of fan-favorite family, the Baxters.

Two sorrowful years have passed since the terrible car accident that took the life of John Baxter's daughter, Erin, along with her husband and three of their four daughters. But this year John has invited a stranger for dinner - Kendra Bryant, the transplant recipient who now has Erin's heart.

In light of her father's idea, Ashley and her brother Luke don't think it's right. They want to protect their ten-year-old niece, Amy - the only surviving member of the accident. But John is determined and believes meeting this woman is something his deceased daughter would want.

At the same time, Maddie West, the eighteen-year-old daughter of Brooke Baxter West, is praying for meaning this Christmas. Could she find it in a newfound friendship with a boy she never expected to see again? Maddie believes in miracles, especially at Christmastime, but this is a stretch even she can't imagine.

Meanwhile, Kendra Bryant has been struggling these past few years to find meaning in the tragedy that gave her a second chance. She believes this invitation to see the Baxters and witness their unwavering faith in God can instill hope and happiness back into her life.

Heartwarming and touching, filled with love and hope, A Baxter Family Christmas brings together two families in the aftermath of a tragedy and in the midst of an unfolding love story, all with the help of one very special child

My Thoughts:

Best-Selling author, Karen Kingsbury will tug at your hearts strings and bring back the Baxter Family in her newest book " A Baxter Family Christmas." This story not only brings the Baxter family together again but also brings in new family members. However, life isn't so simple. From daughters threatening not to show up for Christmas Eve, to snow storms with miracles and a little girl that dreams of hearing her  beating heart of her mother, will this entire family heal at Christmas or will the Baxter family be destroyed by the simple act of faith by John Baxter who decides to risk it all? Find out by pre-ordering this book. You will laugh, you will cry, but most of all, you will remember the heart of family! Thank you to the publishers for providing me an ARC copy. I give this book 5/5 stars. 

And because I loved this book so much, I am giving away my ARC copy, so one lucky reader can have this in time as it releases. I will draw a winner by October 12, 2016. Please leave your name, email and a comment! Good luck! Keep coming back during the month of October for more book giveaways!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Mile Wide by Brandon Hatmaker

A Mile WideAbout:
As a host and guest judge for HGTV and DIY Network (My Big Family Renovation, Brother v.s. Brother, Tiny House Arrest), Brandon Hatmaker understands what it takes to rehab a home. But after twenty-plus years of working with the local church (and as husband to bestselling author Jen Hatmaker), he has an even greater understanding of what it takes to rehab an everyday faith. In A Mile Wide, he helps readers see more clearly how the gospel works in us and eventually through us to transform an anemic spiritual life into a deeper, fuller, and more effective faith.
Offering fresh perspective on eight essentials of Christianity—the gospel, identity, scripture, discipleship, kingdom, mission, community, and justice—Hatmaker provides biblical insight and practical applications that tap into the richer life Christ promised his people, individually and as a community. God wants more than simply to save us; he’s also determined to transform us, restore us, and use us to reveal the coming of his kingdom right here, right now.
My Thoughts:
Jesus was an amazing story teller and used truths to tell stories, which is exactly how Brandon Hatmaker engages the reader. He invites the reader into a deep relationship with Jesus that helps us not only know him, but to become like him, while helping us grow deeper into discipleship. I love how this book makes the reader dig deep into their faith, while calling the reader to experience Christ on a whole new level. This book isn't for someone who is looking to read with their eye half open, but for someone who is looking to grow deeper and wider, while learning to know our Jesus more intimately. I challenge you to buy this book because it will shake your faith and push you in way you didn't know was possible. Thank you to Nelson books. I was provided a copy and did not receive monitory compensation for my review. I give this book 5/5 stars.