Friday, September 30, 2016

God vs Religion by Dr. Creflo Dollar

Bestselling author Dr. Creflo Dollar offers a clarion call for people to ditch religion and embrace a relationship with Christ with 10 compelling reasons GOD VS. RELIGION. 
Over centuries, religion has broken churches, fueled wars, and driven people away from the true Gospel of Jesus. Dr. Creflo Dollar shows why God hates religion--but loves for people to have genuine connections with Him. He presents 10 compelling reasons, such as: Religion makes people try to earn their way into Heaven, but Christ offers grace; Religion says God uses calamity to teach His people, but Christ comforts us; and Religion makes prayer a powerless "form of godliness," but Christ hears every word. GOD VS. RELIGION will give readers an empowering understanding of the true values of Christianity and beliefs that transform church-going into a full, authentic, and meaningful relationship with God.
My Thoughts:

Dr. Creflo Dollar challenges the reader's beliefs system and the importance of our thoughts between religion and relationship. Religion is the center thing that drives so many people away from the church today in America. It is the thing that is not based on grace, but based on rules, legalism, and attitudes that cause division among churches. Creflo go against the grain and stomps down on religion, which is completely FREEING! He engages the reader to get rid of the mindsets and behaviors that keep them from a relationship with the Lord because the church has distorted a relationship and has made it religious. 

This book will take you to a new level if you have ever struggled with religion and haven't had a relationship with the one true God who loves you. Don't allow religion to rule in your life, but allow a loving God pursue a relationship with you. This book will challenge you, enlighten your beliefs and help clear some of the traditions in your mind that have been keeping you in bondage to help you pursue a relationship with the Lord, instead of a religion.  

Thank you to Faith Words for providing a copy. I give this book 5/5 stars. I did not receive monetary compensation for this book. 

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