Thursday, September 15, 2016

An Amish Harvest Four Novellas by Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kathleeen Fuller, Vannetta Chapman

27840637Curl up with your warm cup of coffee and get ready to settle into Autumn as you nestle down into a warm blankets and four wonderful Novella’s that are as beautiful as Fall.

First, in Under the Harvest Moon by Beth Wiseman you will feel the loss as Naomi Dienner grieves the loss of her husband. But does she really grieve the loss as past secrets are revealed and she is left with three daughters to raise? Or does she find relief and love in an English man and can she open her heart to the new possibility of love?

Come join Jonathan Stoltfuz as he will take you on the most beautiful buggy ride ever in Lancaster in “Love & Buggyy Rides” by Amy Clipston. This story will quicken your heart as you immerse yourself into the fall scenery, with hearts that kindle into something deeper than their friendship.  And if you think it ends there, you need to read the ending, Amy builds the suspense and you won’t see it coming! I loved how different this was from previous novellas. Amy continues to step up writing game, so make sure you read this book!

A Quiet Love by Kathleen Fuller is a story that will instantly grab your heart as you learn about Dinah, who stutters and has a speech impediment. If you’ve ever gone through any trial in your life or have been self-conscious, you can relate to Dinah. And if the story doesn’t hold your attention about dealing with issues of self-consciousness, Amos sure will grab your heart as he is looking for a wife. This will keep you turning the pages.

Finally, the book wraps up with the last story by Vannetta Chapman entitled “Mischief in the Autumn Air.”  This book is a mystery to be solved and you get to solve it! Martha and Eli work to figure out why three pieces of furniture are outbid for a ridiculous price! If you like mysteries, you’ll enjoy this story as the duo figures out what is going on.

Overall I really enjoyed this novella collection and it will get you in the mood for fall. My two favorite stories from this published book of novellas were Amy Clipston’s Love and Buggy Rides and Kathleen Fuller’s A Quiet Love. Thank you to publisher, Thomas Nelson and the author for providing me a complimentary copy for my honest opinion, which I have given.

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