Friday, August 26, 2016

The Hairy Mess

Are you one of those people who doesn't like attention? You tend to stay in the background of all noise and fuss everything? Maybe you're front row, and it doesn't bother you at all. You don't mind being in the crowd of people and you enjoy the platform. You're happy to get up in front of large groups of individuals, and it doesn't bother you at all. (Oh, I wish I were like you.) I tend to shy away from the crowd and sink into the back. If someone were to ask me what I am most comfortable, it is 1:1 situations. I can get loud, stomp on things that I believe are unjust, but I tend to lead quietly.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chop my hair, which was a unique experience. I have never cut my hair this way. If fact, it is the shortest it has ever been since I was a baby. I have always had long hair. It is what it is. This hair cut style change has left the door open for a lot of people to notice me. I don't like attention at all, and I could care less about hair, which maybe has been apparent all these years, I'm not sure. I'm a person who firmly believes it's all about the heart condition of people not what they look like on the outside.

Well, my heart condition the last two weeks has STUNK! It's like winning the lottery and not knowing that the money is going to change your life.. or WRECK it.  All of this attention regarding my hair has either inflated my ego or destroyed it. If someone likes my hair and gives me an exceptional compliment, it gives the ego a boost enforcing awesome self-esteem and if a comment is not favorable, it immediately sinks the self-esteem to a pit. First, I never wanted to be noticed. I liked being in the background. It's a place I prefer to stay. If you like my outfit, cool and if not, I never cared. Second, let's be real WHEN did I start caring about my HAIR or other people's opinions? This hair situation has cost me oodles of money on products, headbands, shampoos and hours of worry. NOT worth that at all. I don't care who say's what, no hair cut is worth that. It's just not. It causes confusion and division. Not PEACE!

And then.....  Yes, there is a and then moment.

First God,
Reminded me that number #1 opinion is his and that is the only one that matters. He doesn't care about my hair folks. It doesn't matter to him. My crappy attitude about it does. BIG sigh. I love him. He sets my course straight every time. He reminded me in Proverbs 30:30 that beauty is vain. Ouch! I don't want that on me. I would rather fear him. He is a God that loves me when my attitude stinks.

And then as I had my pity party about my hair troubles, he graciously reminded me that I have hair. I have many precious friends who have children fighting childhood cancer who are running around with bald heads or aren't even running around. He ever so kindly reminded me what was important, and hair wasn't on the list anymore.

Hair is so temporary, but an attitude who fears the Lord is forever. Who would want to miss out on that? Who would want to be disobedient to that? Not me! Not at all. Sin, it's this thing that can entangle us, capture us and even destroy us if we can't recognize it.

 Whether you're in the front row seat or the back, make sure you keep your eyes focused on the one who should always be the center stage in your life. He will keep your paths straight and fix your hairy messes.



KelseyJ said...

Love you & your honesty and most of all your inner beauty that shines through no matter what your hairstyle! <3

Unknown said...
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Susan P said...

Kelsey said it all - no matter what hairstyle you picked you look fabulous because your inner sweetness shines. Big changes feel scary, though! Good for you being brave enough for a big change. :) I need to take note of this and be braver. :D Love it!