Friday, June 3, 2016

Where is Running Through The Storms ?

Where in the world is Running Through the Storms? 

It would be easy to say that life has been crazy, but that is an understatement. 

First, I have started and transitioned into a new job, which I think is going to be just lovely. I just finished my third week. It is all new and huge a learning curve, but I think eventually I will find my way, and this will be something beautiful. Adjusting to a whole new schedule, learning names, faces and a new job, is quite exhausting, so I haven't had the energy to get on here much. 

Second, we have been playing catch up with a lot of family members and friends we haven't seen in a long time. Isn't that how life goes sometimes? There are friends we haven't seen in so long, and our schedules have been jammed packed catching up. We also have a lot of graduation open houses this year, and one of my best friends is getting married in a few weeks. I've been working really hard to get back into that dress. Weird how it fit this winter and didn't fit in the spring training. We also had a larceny situation that made me lose some brain cells in the process, but all is well now and moving forward. 

Additionally, I feel very behind in life. The every day of life, dishes, laundry and keeping things clean has gone to the complete wayside, which has driven me nuts. We aren't pigs, but you know the spider webs, the desk that gets piled with the mail and the TBR pile of books is driving me bonkers! Plus I have this story that has been sitting in my head to write, and it's time to get writing. I've decided it's time to either seek out a publisher to pursue how to write this thing or start writing more hardcore and see where it goes.  

Finally, I have two race recaps to give y'all, lots of updating on life, our daily happenings and blog reading to catch up on. I am sorry for my absence. 
I hope to catch up with you over a Carmel Frap or over here.

Have a fabulous Friday! I am going to tackle a huge to do list!

What are you plans this weekend? 


Shirley said...

My son and his family from Alabama plan to arrive here tomorrow and spend a week here so I will be very busy. I too, am trying to play catch up with things in my life. Leave room for Spanky's in your busy schedule sometime!! :) Let us know what might work for you guys!

Sarah said...

That will be super exciting for you to be able to spend time with him! Spankys is high priority for us. We will definitely set a date up soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, things can get very hectic! Ahhh life, gotta love it! What area is the new job in, hope you are enjoying it!