Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weekend Memories

Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend! This past weekend was very busy for me, but filled with lots of great memories.

Friday evening our church has a group for couples married under forty, so we went to a fun event filled with games, food and fun. They were showing the movie War Room, but we ended up leaving before the movie started because I needed to get ready for a bridal shower on Saturday.

Saturday morning I woke up and got ready to head over to Julia's house where Kelsey's bridal shower was going to be. We had fun eating, playing a game, fellow-shipping and opening gifts. It was great to reminisce. I'm really going to miss Kelsey when she moves to Chicago.

Sunday was another busy day. We woke up for church to see my sister's boyfriend get baptized and make profession of faith.

We hurried quickly to grab lunch with him before he had to go to work. We ran home and changed into different clothes before we made an hour drive to Lansing to see our friends and fierce daughter graduate!

When graduation speeches are filled with things like "you'll have to go through difficult things and face adversity, or life won't go the way you planned it;" they haven't met Montana. This girl is fierce. She has gone through something most teenagers have not and survived. She has battled cancer and continues, she is an amputee, amazingly smart and crazy compassionate. She is very gifted and has already done great things. I can't wait to see where life takes this amazing, young woman! 

What did ya'll do this past weekend? 

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