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The Victor by Marlayne Giron

6508077About the Book:
A benevolent King; ...his sword of power; ...a ruthless traitor bent on revenge; ...and the faithful son who stands in his way with the woman destined to share his throne. Who shall emerge as the victor in this epic struggle between good and evil to govern the lives of hapless men?

In the rich tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, The Victor is an action packed adventure novel of love, friendship, betrayal and sacrifice set in medieval times. Females will love the romance of rescued love while males will devour the scenes of jousting, knights and battles. Using ancient literature as the template, The Victor teaches lessons of enduring love, loyalty and reward in an exciting drama laced with unforgettable characters.

My Thoughts:
Not a fan of Medieval Fantasy, I wasn't sure what I would think about "The Victor" and was a bit skeptical at first, but Marlayne has a way of utilizing language, and a gift for story telling that involves the reader into an all adventure of battle. The characters, Llyonesse, and Lucius are vividly told, which encaptures the reader into their adventure. This book has a romantic side, but is perfect for the young adults and even adults in my opinion. I don't think I would have enjoyed this book as much if the Marlayne did not paint such a beautiful picture and invite the reader into the story as I find Medival Fantasy not to be a favorite genre, but she did a fabulous job. I also like how there are many contrasts with this book to the Bible, which makes this book even more unique. If you haven't heard of Marlayne, I would recommend checking this book out, and other books by her. I give this book a 4 start review. Thank you to the author for providing me a complimentary copy for review. 

About the Author:
Marlayne GironMarlayne Giron is a wife and mother living in Orange County, California. She currently works full time and enjoys cooking for her family every night, scrapbooking, making high teas, and entertaining.
At the age of 22 (In 1982) Marlayne was inspired to write The Victor by a line in an Amy Grant song called: “Fairytale” (from her Father's Eyes album). The particular verse in the song which inspired the idea was: “two princes wage the battle for eternity but the victor has been known from the start”. The verse made her imagine an evil “Baron” in black armor and knight in shining armor crossing swords over "maiden in distress". She wrote the story in her free time at work on an IBM Selectric typewriter and at home on a Smith Corona Portable.
Marlayne rewrote the story over the course of almost 30 years and made many attempts to get it published for several years but after a 4-year bout with ulcerative colitis that resulted in major surgery, then infertility then the adoption of her daughter and the demands of having to work full-time to pay the bills, she gave up on her dream of The Victor ever being published until April of 2008 when Tate Publishing called to offer her a contract. 

The Victor was released on April 14th of 2009 and many doors have opened up for her to get the word out on her book. One of which being that as a direct result of her former employment with John Styll at CCM Magazine 28 years ago (who is now currently President of the Gospel Music Association), both he and Amy Grant now have copies of The Victor and Marlayne's personal copy has been autographed by Amy Grant herself.

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