Friday, May 13, 2016

Why this Expo is AMAZING

If you're looking to travel and want to run a race that will challenge your legs, allow you to meet new people and help you to find a love for pink creatures, I recommend The Flying Pigs Half or Full in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The race expo was phenomenal and here are my top five reasons why this was my favorite Expo of all expo's. 
1. The crowd excitement! The expo was filled with volunteers, race staff and vendors truly excited about your Flying Pigs experience. Whether they were sitting down talking with you, asking about your favorite race, or inquiring if you were from the area, they were genuinely excited about YOUR race. I never felt pushed to buy, commit to a race or pressured by any single person. The excitement and energy were incredible. Everyone was excited about the magic that would happen Sunday morning! 

2. If you're like me, you love a great photo opportunity, and this expo provides so many great opportunities to put your smile on! Plus you get to see amazing artwork that is displayed throughout the community in Cincinnati. 

3. The Cincinnati Flying Pigs Expo highlighted so many unique races around the United States that we never knew existed. Of course, there were so big races we were aware of, but we found a lot of unique races like the Full & Half Marathon in Adams County where the entire Amish comes out to support runners. The Amish school children make the water aid stations. How cool is that?  The medal is a basket woven together with a ribbon for the neck.  It is beautiful!  

4. This Expo had lots of unique, one of a kind gear, samples, and brands I had never even seen anywhere else.  As a runner, I am always looking for the best products, shoes, fuel,  clothing and I found a lot of unique companies here. I even found a new fuel brand that I had no stomach problems with that I switched to drinking for the Flying Pigs Half race because I was confident in the product, which is pretty risky as a runner. That was a first! We came home with four bags of stuff including two free Swiffers! This expo gives bags and bags of goodies, shirts galore and lots of good stuff. If you like to try new things, this one has a lot of it! 
5Every registered runner receives a duffle bag, the yearly Flying Pigs Art poster, a magnet with your running event and a wicking shirt! I was impressed with the duffle bag, myself. It is perfect for a carry-on bag, gym bag, diaper bag or even a beach bag.  I love all the compartments, the quality of material and of course, the PIG. 

Is this expo on my radar for a future race? Most definitely! For now, I am seeking out new races across the country to continue my Fifty States journey, but if you're looking for a fantastic expo that delivers, this one goes above and beyond! 

Q: What do you look for in good race expos?


justcommonly said...

You got to meet Snoopy!!!! Woohoo! ;)

Sarah said...

My hubby met the Charmin Bear :)