Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Day I Visited Tiffany & Company

If you have ever watched the movie Sweet Home Alabama, you can appreciate the moment when Reese Witherspoon gets into the limo, sneaks up the private entrance to find herself at Tiffany & Company ready to try on diamond rings with her soon to be Fiance.

Now this wasn't the exact scene, but pretty close to my experience at Tiffany & Co. There was no limo or secret entrance, but people greeted me warmly and were ready to bring out the jewels with a snap of the fingers. I felt like Reese, in particular with the careful attention and 1:1 customer service. Of course I looked at diamonds, but that's not what I was there for. They have some gorgeous diamond rings.. HINT.. HINT.. Especially if you are in the market for it or want to purchase a new car with that kind of money, Tiffany is the place to do it! 

I must say I'm not much for jewelry, but I could find a few things there to quench my jewelry needs.

We were in Cincinnati for the Flying Pigs Half Marathon when Drew decided we should probably visit this jewelry store for my thirtieth Birthday. Normally, I would object to these kinds of things or spending this kind of money, but turning thirty happens only once, and making it memorable was the deal, so I was in. I had already been nervous about it, so expecting the unexpected was what bringing on Thirty was all about! 
And to say it was another dream come true would be the honest truth. Sometimes, I feel like I need to pinch myself because in the grand scheme of everything this isn't a big deal, but this was on my bucket list for some time and sometime finally happened! I had always wanted to go to a Tiffany store and find that special item, with that special someone. We did that! Now, I've had a lot of people ask me what is in the box? Honestly, I don't want to take the ribbon off the box! It sounds so silly, but it is beautiful! 

 Now, I've had a lot of people ask me what is in the box? Honestly, I don't want to take the ribbon off the box! It sounds so silly, but it is beautiful! Drew says the box and the ribbon are all part of the Tiffany appeal, which is true. No denying that. I guess I'll post about what's in the box on a different day. For now, I'm living on the dream for a little longer. 
It was great and memorable Birthday wish come true.

What has been your most memorable Birthday wish come true? 


Karen Seal said...

So much fun!! I love that you guys did this to mark a memorable birthday! Can't wait to see what's inside!! :)

Unknown said...

That's amazing!! I've never gone into a Tiffany to pick something out. What a special day and birthday gift from your hubby!

Sarah said...

I'll post pictures soon. :) It was a great memory!

Sarah said...

It was a very special memory indeed. I think everyone should have this experience. Jewelry gal or not.

justcommonly said...

Awww. there really is something about that little blue box and Sweet Home Alabama! ;)