Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Loving My Actual Life: An Experiment in Relishing What's Right in Front of Me by Alexandra Kuykendall

Feel Satisfied with Who and Where You Are 
In a world of comparison and discontent, it can feel impossible to be happy with life as we know it. Other people seem to have it all together, to be finding success, to be having more fun. But we weren't meant for a life characterized by dissatisfaction. 

In this entertaining and relatable book, Alexandra Kuykendall chronicles her nine-month experiment to rekindle her love of her ordinary "actual" life. After wiping her calendar as clean as a mother of four can, Kuykendall focuses on one aspect of her life each month, searching for ways to more fully enjoy her current season. By intentionally adding one thing each month that will make her jump for joy, she provides a practical challenge women can easily replicate. With humor, poignancy, and plenty of personal stories, Kuykendall weaves together spiritual themes and practical application into a holy self-awareness, showing women how a few small changes in their routines can improve their enjoyment of this crazy-busy life. 

My Thoughts:

Kuykendall is a natural storyteller who tells the journey of what it is like to carry out an experiment over a nine month period in which she learns to enjoy the life and the moments right in front of her, rather than this grand idea of what life should or is supposed to be like. As a mother of four and working for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), Alexandra she realized that her days were on autopilot while she was missing out on the adventure right in front of her. 

How often is that true for all of us? Whether you have children or not, do you go through your day living on autopilot going from one thing to the next and not looking at the thing in front of you? What Kuykendall began to notice was her children were growing up too fast, her relationship with her husband was showing wear, and so were her close friendships. I think we can all say at some point in our lives; we are all guilty of that. She spent the next nine months re-evaluating her life, time, possessions, health, sleep, etc. to find time and balance learning to stop and see what was in front of her. I love how she handles social media too. This is a book that is very encouraging for those who are ready to have a slower pace life, living in the moment, looking to make small changes and being more intentional about their lives. 

Thank you to Baker Books for providing me a complimentary copy for review purposes. I HIGHLY recommend this book! 5/5 stars! 

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