Sunday, May 15, 2016

Girl Defined by Kristen Clark & Bethany Baird


In a Culture of Distortions, Discover God-Defined Womanhood and Beauty
In a culture where airbrushed models and career-driven women define beauty and success, it's no wonder we have a distorted view of femininity. Our impossible standards place an incredible burden of stress on the backs of women and girls of all ages, resulting in anxiety, eating disorders, and depression. One question we often forget to ask is this: "What is God's design for womanhood?
In "Girl Defined," sisters and popular bloggers Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird offer women a countercultural view of beauty, femininity, and self-worth. Based firmly in God's design for their lives, this book helps women rethink what true success and beauty look like. It invites them on a liberating journey toward a radically better vision for femininity that ends with the discovery of the kind of hope, purpose, and fulfillment they've been yearning for. 

"Girl Defined" helps readers
- discover God's design for femininity and his definition of a successful woman
- uncover the secrets of lasting worth, purpose, and fulfillment
- be equipped and empowered to live out a radically better vision for womanhood
- gain personal insight through the chapter-by-chapter study guide

My Thoughts:
"Girl Defined" written by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird is a book that you won't be able to put down. Now, there are dozens of books on Biblical womanhood, and I have read many of them, and I imagine you probably have too, but this is one that challenged my thinking several times in a deeper way. 

This book is written like you are sitting in Kristen and Bethany's home on the couch listening to them discuss their lives in a transparent way where you saw the souls of their hearts pouring out to the reader, which I admire. This book will convict you with truths; it brought tears to my eyes and it may even turn your heart towards repentance. We've believed a culture lie ladies and this book gives some sound truth. 

This book is perfect for any woman, whether young or older. It is for you. It will shape your walk with Christ, make you feel more confident in your identity in him and challenge you to be the woman he has called you to be in Christ. I enjoyed this book and found that I had believed lies. This book has transformed my thought life and beliefs about being a woman.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to all females. Thank you to Baker Books for providing me a complimentary copy for review purposes. I give this book 5/5 stars. 

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