Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Chaco's Giveaway

If I could tell you everything that has happened from Saturday till yesterday, you wouldn't believe me. In fact, I can't believe it myself. I feel like I've been the energizer bunny with non-stop craziness, phone calls, jumping in and out of the car for this that and the other. Stay with me. I'm going to unpack all of this past weekend, yesterday and my race in the upcoming week. 

Right now, I am enjoying the last day of my twenties. I'm not going for a major post today. I've emailed some winners from this weekend. Read the comments if you didn't provide an email, so I can get an item to you.

Today, I have a specific size of Chaco's I am giving away. The company shipped me an extra pair in a goof up. They are size 9, I wear between an 8 and an 8.5 in shoes. These fit my feet fine! Comment below to win!

Question: What has been your most memorable birthday and why? 


Susan P said...

We need to go for coffee! Sounds like a lot of goings on. :) I would like to enter Alex for these shoes. She needs a pair of summer ones and these are her size!!

KelseyJ said...

Oooo love me some flippy flops! :) can it be summer now, please??

Sarah said...

Susan, you won these! I contacted you! Congrats!