Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekly Workout Re-Cap + Nuun Giveaways

Finally, I feel as though I am in the home stretch of my Flying Pigs Half Marathon training. I was bummed not to take on Gazelle Girl Half Marathon this week. I probably could have run it, given that I ran 12 miles on Saturday, but I  never train up to a half-marathon distance anymore for races. My muscles are always so tight, which is rather frustrating. I stretch and stretch, yet my muscles continue to stay tight, and if you don't stretch them up, eventually like a rubber band, they snap. 

This past Saturday I got a nice long run, and the weather was superb. 12 miles was on the docket weeks ago, but after unexpected sickness, I had to derail some of those plans and make a new running plan. Here is my weekly workout. I thought I might have even missed last week's workout recap with all of my Birthday posts. You might not care about my mileage or runs, but it helps me keep accountable to stretching and to changing up my workout routine, which I see every week needs altering. 

Training for: 
Cincinnati Flying Pigs Half- Marathon
GrandRapids Riverbank 25k 

Monday: Chasing Kiddo's all day- That is a workout
Tuesday: Stretching + Rest 
Wednesday: Rest 
Thursday: 3 Mile Run 
Friday: 2.5 walk + chasing kiddo's all day
Saturday: 12-mile run + 2.5 recovery walk
Sunday: 2.5 Walk

Today I am giving away one of my favorite things to help me stay hydrated during and after a run. I love sweet tea; that is a no-brainer, but I do have to be careful on my sugar. 

Have you tried Nuun? Heard of it? I do love Nuun and drink it on my long runs because I have the most sensitive stomach in the world. I can't take the artificial sweeteners and Nuun has no sugar. One winner will win a tube of my favorite flavor- Tri-Berry. This stuff is great if you're not a runner. Whether you bike, swim, walk or simply need to stay hydrated this summer and want something without sugar, this stuff is great. You put one of these tablets in a 16oz reusable bottle for 2 minutes and then drink it! 

You just need to leave a comment in the section below, and Random.org will choose a winner on April 24, 2016. This is another one of my favorite items and I want you to love it! 

How do you stay hydrated? What are you looking forward to this summer? 


justcommonly said...

O...we have NUUN at home. Lemon lime flavor! Havent tried the tri berry. Is that a new flavor? Don't remember seeing them.
Always great after a workout! We have a bottle in the car, in my purse, in the kitchen, and at work. Just in case!

justcommonly said...

O..I knew I forgot something! Happy Celebration!

Sarah said...

You are prepared, Annie! I don't even have that much everywhere. I love it.. Tri berry has been out for a while. I really like it. Good luck :)

Sarah said...

You're so funny!

justcommonly said...


Susan P said...

Never tried it! You silly lady - you run way more than most of us, don't get discouraged. :)

Aurelia said...

Wow. I'm impressed with your running. Im a little embarrassed to say it but I hate running. I do walk though weather permitting. (justifying myself) 😁 Aurelia gravelroadmusings@gmail.com

Sarah said...

Don't be embarrassed at all. We all have our thing. My husband and I love to walk at night together to unwind of the weather is good! Glad you like to get out and enjoy nature.

Sarah said...

You'd like Sue. Especially for your GF friendly kiddos!

Sarah said...

Sue Poll- you've won the Tri-Berry Nuun:)