Thursday, April 21, 2016

Simple Pleasures: Stories from My Life as an Amish Mother by Marianne Jantzi

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Simple Pleasures: Stories from My Life as an Amish Mother(MennoMedia, March 2016)
Young Amish homemaker Marianne Jantzi invites readers into her family’s life on the snowy plains of Ontario.
The mother of four young children and wife of a storekeeper, Jantzi writes about her daily routines and heartfelt faith with equal measures of wit and warmth. Sewing, cleaning, cooking, gardening, and helping to manage the store take up most hours in her day, but Jantzi finds time to pen columns for the Connection, a magazine beloved by Amish and Mennonite readers across the United States and Canada. Never sugarcoating the frustrations of motherhood, Jantzi tells it like it is, broken washing machine and bickering children and all. But through her busy days, Jantzi finds strength in simple pleasures of family, fellowship with her Amish community, and quiet time with God.

My  Thoughts:
"Simple Pleasures" was a breath of fresh air. Having read many fiction novels about the Amish and their lifestyle, I found this book to be incredibly well written and quite relateable. The Amish live in the same world we do, except with a more simple life style, yet they struggle with the same things we do. I think our world and culture has put high expectations on their lifestyle and the way they live, but I could help but find myself think as I was reading Marianne's words, "we've got it all wrong." In fact, our society has mis-interpreted the Amish community thinking we are very different, yet we aren't. 
I love when she talks about the art of listening. Her and I are a lot alike. I am talker and so is she. I could learn to listen more and talk less. I found this book to be straight from the heart, as almost as if I was sitting having coffee with an old friend. Marianne writes this book in small chapters like words of wisdom and you can read this as a devotional or all at once. I took it in small bites as a devotional and loved her words. I give this book 5/5 stars for the authors ability to make me laugh, feel like I was chatting over coffee and being able to connect with her about our faith in God. This book isn't like any Amish book I have ever read before. I highly recommend it. Thank you to Plainspoke for allowing me to review this book. I was not compensated for a positive review. 


Shirley said...

I know I would enjoy this book as I have Amish as neighbors and I do frequent their businesses. I have always been interested in learning more about them and even enjoy fiction about their lives. Yesterday morning I woke up to sirens and flashing lights and upon investigation of what was going on, we saw the Amish neighbors storage building up in flames. I was scared that it was one of their homes and perhaps some lives were lost but thankful to know that no one was hurt.

Sarah said...

Shirley, you won two books and they are at Eileen's :) Keep reading!