Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Village

On a long run two weeks ago in the freezing snow, I said on my Facebook page the following " 9 miles in the books.. Thinking a lot about my village.. Who are the people in your village?? More to come." 

Well, today we are at " the more to come" part of the story. Do you look at your life and start to see there are certain people in your life that gravitate in your life while others don't stay? Do you have a group of people that continually surround you no matter the season of life and don't always need to be constantly present every single moment, but they are there? As many of you know, kids are a big part of who I am. We love children, which is why I borrow a lot of others and I have been thinking about "my village" of people. They say it takes a village to raise children. I believe it takes a village of women to raise Godly women in leadership to not only pass on the banner of being a great Godly woman, wife, mother and any other title you want to give yourself. 

When I think of the village of women in my life who have encouraged my life, to grow, to move me forward in my life, most of them are mothers. They have known my gut-wrenching struggles and my sincere heart for children. Never shaming me, loving me as I am, accepting the situation for it is and inviting us as a part of their family. You can't quantify that feeling into words. The human dictionary doesn't have words to express the generosity it takes for someone to open up their lives and say come be a part of our village. When someone invites you into their family, you're in it for the good and the bad on both ends. 

I've learned some incredible lessons of strength, diligence, resilience and humanness from these amazing women who are powerhouse wives that love their families, God, and husbands. It isn't a mundane task at all. They don't ask for credit and in fact, they won't get it, nor do they want it.

As a child, I used to wonder why Mother's got a special day and now, I think that any woman who is a caretaker in some capacity, should have more than just one singular day to acknowledge their amazing role. We don't celebrate motherhood, raising children and or the villages in women leading/ helping each other. It isn't a thing. Yet, I have found it to be so life giving and beautiful. Why doesn't our society find it beautiful and valuable?
Maybe I've become a little old school on my thoughts. 

Overall, I am so thankful and incredibly blessed by the women in my life who have spiritually paved the way, who've mentored the motherly instinct, who are patient as I ask the ridiculous questions and those who listen. I feel incredibly blessed by my "village" of women who just bless me with their life-giving grace and point me towards Christ in all that they do. Whether pregnant, having to make a difficult decision to give up a child, fostering, adoption, going through infertility, miscarrying a child or not being able to have a child at all, you have all been a part of my village. Whether children or no children, you've all spoken to my life and this post is for you! 
Thank you! 

Who are the people in your village? Have you thanked them? 

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Aurelia said...

That was really good. There are definitely some good women in my village. I found your site through a book review in case you're wondering where I come from. Aurelia

Sarah said...

Thank you, Aurelia. I'm glad it spoke to you. I'm glad you come by and read my reviews. I have one up today! Hugs,

justcommonly said...

I love this post. Yes...a village of people we have. Mine consists of family and friends that stuck by me no matter what. They saw through my outward toughness or my mistakes and see me for who I am. Thank you for this post!

Happy Celebration!

Susan P said...

I agree!! Us and our old school thinking - it makes me happy. :)