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If My Heart Could Talk by Dodie Osteen Book Review + Mystery Giveaway

Dodie Osteen lives out Proverbs thirty-one not only by what she says but, more importantly, the life she lives. With a quiet strength, Dodie shares in "If My Heart Could Talk" the story of her life, faith, family and the miracles that have taken place in her walk with the Lord. 

If My Heart Could Talk
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 "If My Heart Could Talk" is like reading a book of an older friend who you are trying to glean wisdom from. As a younger woman, Dodie is someone who I can envision wanting to have as a part of my life to learn how to be a better woman, wife, leader and Lord willing, a mom. She has stood the test of adversity and walked through valleys with deep faith, despite difficult circumstance coming out on the other side much stronger. She is a woman who gets straight down to business and is real about the heart of the matter, regardless of the situation.

She isn't a fake human being, but in fact, this is one of the most authentic, real autobiographies I have read in a long time. She isn't shy about the fact that she walks with a limp despite having Polio as a child. The story that touched me the most was when she mentioned the great Dr. T. L. Osborn. If you don't know who is or legacy of ministry he left, look him up, you will thank me. He gave her the sweetest compliment and said to her and her husband John, "Look at Dodie. She walks like a princess." Cue the tears, find the tissues. Dodie needed to hear that our words are powerful and how sweet the sound to know that she wasn't walking with this shortcoming, but she was made completely whole in the eyes of our Savior and to those are around her.  Dr. T. L. Osborn had the capacity to see it in her and he saw millions of others who needed physical, spiritual and emotional healing. Our words are powerful bring forth fruit, both life and or death to any situation. 

Dodie gives wisdom on parenting, marriage, finances, healing, what it's like to lose your spouse, thought life, the power of words, cancer, prayer and so many other topics. This is one of those books that I could read over and over again for wisdom as a young person looking to grow spiritually.  Dodie's heart is so genuine, with compassion and love, I feel like I am reading the diary of one's heart. It is breathtaking, beautiful, painful and raw, but incredibly powerful!  Don't pass this book up, no matter your age or season of life! 

The back of the book has several Appendices with Scripture for memorization. I was given an ARC copy, but mine is so highlighted and written with sticky notes, that I am going to purchase a hardcover copy because I enjoyed "If My Heart Could Talk" so much. I can't wait to re-read it again.  I hope to have the opportunity to meet Dodie whether on this side or the other because her testimony and life, as humble as she is, is incredibly powerful, inspiring, uplifting and bold for the Kingdom. It will move you in such a way, that your heart is touched and your spirit is forever changed. 

Thank you, Faith Words a division of Hachette Group for providing me an ARC copy for my honest review. I give this book a 10/ 5 star for its authenticity, ability to make me laugh & cry, for making me feel like I was sitting down and having coffee with Dodie. It is also given this rating scale because "If My Heart Could Talk" has transformed my thinking on several matters regarding faith, miracles, and our Heavenly Father. 

To purchase a copy go here.

Q: What do ya'll think about Dodie's book? 

About Dodie: 

Osteen, Dodie (1609437)DODIE OSTEEN founded Lakewood Church with her late husband, John Osteen, in 1959. After a dramatic and miraculous healing from terminal cancer in 1981, God called Dodie into a special ministry of prayer. Through that ministry of compassion, she has touched the lives of millions of people both in Houston and around the world. Dodie is the author of Healed of Cancer and the daily devotional Choosing Life One Day at a Time. Dodie's five children all serve in ministry and she has nineteen precious grandchildren.


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