Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekend Agenda

Happy Friday! 
I hope y'all are excited for the weekend! I know that I sure am. It's starting to feel warm here and staying that way, which is good for Michigan. The continual change in weather patterns isn't good for our crops. It really needs to stay one way or the other, the changing in temperatures isn't good for our farmers or the harvest it produces. 

This week has been one of those weeks where I'm not sure where the time went by. I have been busy running to here there and everywhere, so it seems. Although, it has kept me busy, no complaints here.
6 miles on the Treadmill last Saturday, I hate when it resets.

Workouts over the past week have been great. I can see that slowly my body is starting to come around, but I also have to be much more mindful of keeping up with stretching, which is taking a toll when I don't.

This Week's Workout Recap
Saturday: 6 miles on the treadmill
Sunday: 2 miles on the treadmill speed training
Monday:2.5 mile Walk
Tuesday: 2.5 mile Walk
Wednesday: 2.5 Mile Walk
Thursday: Rest & Stretching
26 seconds from a PR..I was pretty excited about that!

Today will be a rest day with lots of foam rolling, stretching and icing. My feet are bugging me. I have lots of knots in my muscles. I can feel them, which are driving me buggy. I also am starting to see my leg muscles coming back, which means now it's time to add strength training back into my routine. I wanted to do everything slowly. 

 Saturday I am going to do a mild-ish long run because Sunday we have a fun 5k race scheduled in Grand-rapids for a Charity that we love called Gilda's Club. Gilda's Club helps families through support programs with grief, cancer, and emotional health. We are running a race called the "Funderwear" run. Stay tuned to see what underwear we wear... If I knew what it was going to be, I'd give you a clue, but I have no idea.

Don't forget to enter my OOFOS giveaway. These shoes are awesome for anyone, especially runners looking to recovery from races or foot pain. Go here!!

 We also need to get working on our taxes this weekend. I usually do our taxes, but this year I'm just dreading them. I need to get going, but I might pay someone to do them. The thought makes we want to crawl back into bed. This year, I just don't have the energy for them. UGH! I always do them..

What are your plans for the weekend?? Have you filed your taxes? 


Karen Seal said...

The 5K sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see your outfits!! Great job with the workouts this week! :) We have a local CPA do our taxes because I have no clue what I'm doing! lol

Two Runners Travel said...

So glad to see running workouts on your recap of your week of exercise. Way to get back at it again. Have fun racing this weekend. I especially like races that help a worthy cause.

Sarah said...

Don't have to high of expectations on the funderwear costume. Underwear is hard to come by that is fun printed.. I've been running looking.. A CPA would lovely.

Sarah said...

We like races for good causes too!! I'm excited for this one :)
Love that you're running as well..