Friday, March 4, 2016

Rising Hope

The past week has been a great week of hope. I'm glad to find ourselves at Friday. 

Sometimes in life, we have these moments where need to find our passions reignited.  It's easy to let hope fade away, watch dreams sideline or let life circumstances throw you a curve ball to make you stumble. Wednesday night I would say I had one of the best nights in a long time because it reignited a passion within me that I didn't realize was still deep within my soul. We all have them; we just need to know which way to channel them. Sometimes they turn into careers and sometimes they are hobbies, but how wonderful they can when professions form out of them.

Wednesday night my husband and I had the opportunity to go to the Griffins game, which is a local hockey team here in Grand Rapids with the new Fifth Third Riverbank Race Director, John Zimmerman, another colleague, Steve, their kind wives and some Wood peeps. We all had an outstanding time and boy do they understand the passions of runners.Fifth Third Riverbank is the largest 25k (15.5miles) in the country. It is a unique distance and is the Grand Rapids tradition the second weekend in May. I've participated in the 25k race five times, and my husband has done the 5k and 10k.  I had the opportunity to see the new 25k medals, which haven't been revealed yet. I am keeping my lips sealed. I probably will be running #Gazellegirl and #53Riverbank this year, again, after I told my husband I would take a year off. {Rolls eyes} Y'all I'm just trying to get to Cincinnati, to race the Flying Pigs Half Marathon. We are going to be broke in Race Fees, merchandise, and shoes. Not to mention something funky is going down with my Garmin, which isn't helping my speed issue. ACK!

Anyways, I found ways I could get involved with the Riverbank race, and it gave me hope that finding something to do with my passion of running isn't out of reach regarding a new career path. It was just a great night of hope renewed. We also had great conversations about running stories, people who have incredible stories in our community and it continued to make me love the running community. We all run for different reason. I love runners. I love all of you beautiful, sweaty humans! 

I wanted to re-cap my workouts, which have been not as much as I hoped this week, but we got dumped with snow. I'm trying to keep track of my steps big time. I wanted another run in here, but oh, well. :/

                                                             Workout Recap:

                                                        Saturday- 5.5 Long Run
                                                        Sunday- 2.5 Mile Walk +12,000 Steps
                                                        Monday- 2.5 Mile Walk 
                                                       Tuesday- Snow Storm- Stretching
                                                       Wednesday- 1,000 Steps (It's Something)
                                                       Thursday- PT Stretching & Lots of @cleaning Grams      
                                                       Friday- Rest Day

Tomorrow, I am hoping to pull out another long run, but I refuse to run on the treadmill for these runs, especially long ones. Both my husband and I were fitted for shoes this week. I wasn't in love with any particular shoes, so we will head to another store for a second opinion and see what they have as options.

What are your plans for this weekend? Any hope restored this week?

Until next week,



Two Runners Travel said...

I'm so glad you are getting back to running and have a few races on your calendar. I am also interested in the Flying Pig Marathon because I absolutely love pigs and would love to add one of those medals to my collection!

Sarah said...

I love pigs too! I'd consider a teacup pig for a pet. I'm excited to check this race off my bucket list and I hear the course is super hilly, so we will see how it shakes out in May.