Monday, March 7, 2016

My Mother's Quilts: Devotions of Love, Legacy, Family & Faith by Ramona Richards



Inspired by thirty family heirloom quilts, each devotion depicts the enduring legacy of faith, family and tradition. Rich, personal, sometimes heartbreaking, often funny, each reading provides a lesson and encouragement from the faithful women who crafted the quilts. Full-color photographs of each quilt show the style and artistry of each beautiful work. The quilts, sewn by several generations over more than one-hundred years, are as unique and lovely as the hands that created them. The oldest was buried during the Civil War to keep it safe and the author’s mother created the newest in the last years of her life.
My Thoughts: 
 This devotional is just beautiful on the inside filled with pictures of family heritage. Each quilt has a story to tell that is just beyond pieces of fabric sewed together, but a story to tell. I love that this devotional has a ribbon bookmarker to help you hold your place as you read a different one each day or week. 
Quilting by far is now like it used to be. People used to encourage one another to get together and make them as a group. Now, people just buy quilts from a store or craft shows, so I loved the heritage from this devotional. My grandmother was a quilter, and I could see so much of her in this devotional. While, I have finished it all, because I am reading it as the year goes, I love what I am reading so far. 
Each devotion starts with a Bible verse, a story and then ends with a "Prayer starter", which I just love. It gives you something to consider. The lessons built in the devotion are structured around the love and faith put into the careful stitching of the quilt. 
If you love to sew, quilt or do any kind of needlework, you will love this devotional as it takes you back to a sweeter, simpler life. I just so enjoy it. 
Thank you to the publisher for allowing me to review this book for providing me a complimentary copy for review purposes only. I give this book a 5/5 star review because of the beautiful pictures, devotional content, and the structured devotional material. 

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